10 Questions with Astley Nathan

Astley Nathan is one half of the Flava Drive show, bringing you the hottest hip-hop to help you through your afternoon commute. We catch up with him about sport, life in radio and what a perfect summer means to him.

1.     What’s the best thing about working with Daz, your co-host on Drive?

The ability for me to learn. He's been in the radio game a lot longer than me. His music knowledge is also out of this world!

2.     Who is your favourite artist that you’ve seen live?

100% Drake. Could potentially be because I'm a fan boy…

3.     What was the last TV series you binge watched?

My friends put me on to Westworld and I was hooked! Dropped those episodes off in one weekend.

4.     What’s your first pick – basketball, rugby or rugby league?

Ball is life (even though my knee is bung and I can't jump, haha).

5.     What’s the most disastrous or embarrassing interview you’ve had?

There was an interview with a rapper that was so awkward! It got to the point where he was calling me out, asking if I cared about him or his music – it never made it to air!

6.     What is your favourite way to work out?

It would have to be playing any kind of sport. I love the competitive side, or just shooting hoops with the boys. 

7.     Now that the sun is shining (kind of!), what is your perfect Kiwi summer?

The perfect Kiwi summer for me would be all of my mates catching up, heading to a beach and bringing heaps of sporting gears. Get a lazy game of touch going, play some volley ball, have a mean feed and a couply brews - perfect. 

8.     What’s your strangest habit?

Tomato sauce (Watties) on EVERYTHING.

9.     What destination is at the top of the list for your next adventure?

Greek Islands - they just look amazing in pictures. But honestly, I'd go anywhere!

10.  What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a creative director. I love coming up with cool ideas and seeing them come to life. Making adverts funny, that's what I wanted to do.

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