Anne Thorp - When Kiwi Produce is this Great it Doesn't Need to be Messed About With

Anne the “Maori Queen of Cuisine” Thorp promotes simple, fresh, healthy and delicious food using the best produce New Zealand has to offer from land and sea. Her messages through her work are all about health and good living, simplicity, having fun with food, and enjoying life through a healthy diet. Inclusive and welcoming, for Anne it is as much about the food as it is about the people she shares it with. Her life-long love for food and hospitality has seen her create television series Kai Ora, publish a cookbook, guest chef on cruise ships for P&O, and host many an event at her two homes in Auckland City and Pakiri Beach.

One of Anne’s delicious recipes will be featuring in an upcoming WOOP box as part of the new WOOP Guest Foodie Series, with Anne showcasing how when Kiwi produce is this great it doesn’t need to be messed with! WOOP is a food box delivery service that lives and breathes the mantra of ‘slow food fast’ – it’s for people who want to eat incredible food, but don’t have the time to prpepare it. The team will go one step further to make things easy for you. They’ll find the freshest ingredients and prep, parboil, dice and slice – even make dressings, sauces and marinades from scratch – so that you don’t have to.

What is the future of cooking?

More organic produce and slow cooking techniques are becoming more prevalent as are raw energy food and beverages. Looking after our environment is fundamental to eating well.

Do you have a food philosophy?

Fresh, simple, healthy, unadulterated tucker.

What’s the most important thing about cooking?

When the produce is fresh and the mind is willing then anything is achievable.

What do you think would encourage more people to cook healthily?

As a community we have a responsibility to educate. We are what we eat. To eat well means to live longer.

1 Grow a garden in the backyard, in pots. Make the effort.

2 Make a habit of going to farmers markets every week. Produce is amazingly fresh and affordable.

What impact do you think recipe delivery services will have on people’s eating habits?

The convenience will allow parents to have more time with their children and sheer pleasure of not having to waste energy deciding what to cook.

What are some of your favourite ingredients to cook with?

Fresh herbs, lemons/limes chilli, ginger sea /flaky salt, Olive oil, special EVO oil. Fresh seafood’s a must.

Tell us about your WOOP dish.

My dish is slightly steamed so it’s bordering on raw. Steamed gurnard cooks and eats better underdone. The lemon grass gives very subtle undertones to the dish. The thinly sliced onion and fennel are blanched momentarily and the tomatoes are warmed by the steaming. The dish takes only 3-4 minutes to cook depending on the fish size. Perfect example of my philosophy on food – fresh, simple, healthy and unadulterated.

What’s going on in your life at the moment – any projects, passions or focuses?

I am working on a new cooking series scheduled for filming at Pakiri Beach in the spring.

Favourite international cuisine?

Love Oriental food, where Japanese cuisine stands out. I love its clean unadulterated flavours and presentation. I love raw food particularly seafood.

Thoughts on the phrase slow food fast?

Food that has been nurtured, loved and simmered slowly, then presented enthusiastically after this process.

Check out WOOP at, available in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington.

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