Fear in businesses pt.2

Jay Lincoln

Jay Lincoln is a holistic life coach.

Last week I asked some simple questions that would allow you to start to create a vision for your business. In doing this for the business, we have to be aware to not make the vision a limiting vision. Lots of ‘visions’ I see developed by companies are very limiting in the sense that they achieve a vision which does not allow the business to expand without recreating another vision.

A vision is something that the business will always work for and will never really be achieved to its full potential, as life is always changing so the business will always be accommodating the changes required to allow the business to grow and expand. Be aware that you may think you have reached the vision in your business, yet there is always someone else around that could look and add value that would see the vision being more whole rather than limiting.

A major fear in business I have experienced and worked with a number of people to overcome is that of money. Valuing ourselves and working out what we believe others are worth can be quite difficult as this is more intangible rather than tangible to the client. Some people go to the extreme and over value themselves and wonder why things are not working. There is also the opposite of this as well: that you become so busy you do not have enough time, energy and manpower to deliver.

An exercise that can be helpful to help overcome this is to look at this from a different point of view. Let’s take an example of a person who is in the service Industry. Imagine you are the client and you are looking for a particular service, what would be some of the steps you would do, to come to an outcome? Take yourself through this exercise to completion and note some of the questions you are asking and the information you are gathering. Even ask some of your friends or family how they would go about this as well. This can be very beneficial to your business, as you can deliver a lot of this information to the client when selling your service to the client. You will probably find that most times you are happy to pay a reasonable price to have something done yet you would not charge that price yourself if you were that person.

 I remember once discussing this with a client who could not come to terms with charging the average price of the industry and always wanting to be the cheapest.  When I asked her to go away and do the exercise above she would always go for the price that was in the top half of the quotes as she perceived these people knew what they were doing and the cheaper ones did not. I questioned her as to whether this was serving her business to do this? Her first response was that she was the business and that the business would not survive without her. Then after a little more discussions she realised that this was not correct and there were a lot of other businesses offering the same, or if not similar service. This allowed her to go away and look at the relationship between her and her business. The other major factor for her was that she could then see that employing other people would benefit not only her, yet the business as well.

Every business has it own identity and uniqueness! We as people need to be aware that we are the ones that create this - and also can sabotage this, if we allow our conditioning to override the underlying vision of the business.

You can contact Jay by phone on +64 (9) 815-7855, or you can email him if you'd like to discuss any of the issues raised.

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