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TSBC are the experts in small business - they help Government agencies, Banks, Accountants, Large businesses, & Industry associations deliver small business improvement tools to their own small business customers.

Not all employers get the chance to directly benefit from the professional development training they provide to their staff or support them in pursuing.

USACE Buffalo District employees get training

But regardless of whether a newly qualified staff member stays with your business or not, you’ll likely see a short-term return in the form of improved motivation and productivity from simply helping to provide that training opportunity in the first place. 

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs)

ITOs are a core link between employers and industry training for their staff in many sectors. The government-supported organisations work to inform employers and other industry stakeholders about the demand for skills training in their sector, to define the training standards that need to be met, and to help co-ordinate training.

Industry and skills development training can take place on the job and in workplaces, or outside of work. ITOs exist in almost every trade, as well as many service industries, primary industries, manufacturing and retail.

There are currently more than 35,000 businesses and organisations involved in industry training through 39 ITOs.

 Find your industry’s ITO with the Industry Training Federation.

Work and Income Flexi-Wage and Flexi-Wage Plus

As an employer you could be eligible for financial assistance from Work and Income to help someone you’re employing develop the skills to do their job.

If you’re about to employ someone who needs workplace training to develop their skills to industry standards, the Work and Income Flexi-Wage can cover part of the employee’s wage for an agreed period. Depending on the needs of the employee, Flexi-Wage Plus can be used to subsidise the costs of training required.

Your business could qualify for Flexi-Wage and Flexi-Wage Plus if:

  • The person you’re employing meets the eligibility criteria.
  • The position is permanent.
  • The job involves at least 30 hours a week of work (although you may still qualify for the subsidy if the position is part time).
  • You pay the market wages for the job.
  • You haven’t dismissed anyone else to employ the person.

If your business qualifies:

  • You sign a formal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions, and sets out the level of subsidy.
  • You hire the person and pay their wages, just like you normally would, and keep wage records in case Work and Income need to refer to them.
  • You send Work and Income a completed claim form and wage records (as agreed in the contract) to have the subsidy directly credited into your business bank account.
  • The subsidy is paid for an agreed period for up to 52 weeks.
  • You’ll need to pay the balance of the wages, PAYE, GST, ACC levies and holiday pay as well as take care of health and safety requirements.

Call Work and Income on 0800 778 008 for more information.

Skills Highway

Skills Highway is an online government resource that specialises in helping businesses improve the reading, maths and communication skills of their staff.

This can be done by either developing your own, in-house training scheme with the help of the organisation’s online tools and resources, or by tapping the skills of a training provider (who can also be found through the Skills Highway website).

Nearly half of New Zealand’s workforce struggles with reading, maths and communication, which is why many employers are offering staff learning programmes specific to their industry and business to address these core areas and improve their competitiveness.

Find out more with  Skills Highway.

Careers New Zealand

CareersNZ is the New Zealand government agency for career development. It can be a great advice resource for employees considering professional development and  workplace training. CareersNZ also offers an online search engine to find career training courses in your region.

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