Evolving the client-accountant relationship


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Time and time again, we hear from both our individual and accountant users that the topic of fees for administrative services can be a minefield.

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Clients hate surprises in their bill – that extra hour or two (or five) spent chasing paperwork to get the tax return in order can leave a nasty taste in the mouth. And yet the clients often create those surprises themselves through lax record-keeping or disorganisation.

Sharesight users know that the service can save them time in gathering paperwork, which can then (in turn) save them money on basic bookkeeping fees with their accountant or tax agent.

And adding a complementary service like Xero, which automates your personal budgeting and cashflow management, can also do wonders for keeping your bill down at tax time.

But we’re also starting to hear from users that Sharesight is helping them not only save time and money, but actually create a more strategic relationship with their accountant.

Sharesight users whose admin and basic bookkeeping is taken care of via the cloud are able to redirect resources to the value-added services that really make an impact on their financial futures.

Services like advice on structuring their affairs, tax minimisation strategies and estate planning – which most of the users we speak to would like more of, but many feel restricted by the cost.

We’ve also heard from Sharesight users who are negotiating fixed-price agreements with their accountant for tax preparation or SMSF audits on the proviso that they will complete the administrative work themselves.

This elimination of those nasty surprises provides the client with certainty about their bill, but also allows the accountant to better manage workflow within their practice and create efficiency.

Cloud technology is enabling both clients and accountants to focus on the bigger picture and forge a more productive relationship. Why not discuss new ways of working together with your accountant?

- See more at: http://www.sharesight.co.nz/2012/04/20/evolving-the-client-accountant-relationship/#sthash.lbuZswki.dpuf

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