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When people swap, change, purchase something new, that’s when change happens.

Our computers
That’s when they figure out they don’t need that software, or upgrade, or maybe they do.

The key is, to realise that this is both a threat and an opportunity.

This week I’ve made the shift from PC to Mac (well at least giving it a shot). Some software and services have made the shift, others haven’t, on the flipside though I’ve acquired new software/workflows.  Interestingly all my cloud (internet) based services remain – Google Docs etc.

Identify the change/tension points and look at how you can help your customers with the process (and what it means for your business).  What do they do to swap to your service? But also to exit?

(Note: often a streamlined exit for your customers means they are more likely to refer you to others but to also come back, Facebook case in point not allowing exporting of data.)

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