Are These the Most Interesting Inventions of the Year (So Far)?

Every year, we stumble upon a vast variety of interesting and innovative products. And then, there are those select few that stand out because they are wacky and strange - or so simple it takes a genius even to think of them. The products below might be both - or neither. But they have one thing in common: they stood out of the crowd of other inventions and innovations far enough for them to be noticed.

The Smartphone with a Built-In PC

Turning smartphones into desktop-like computers is not a new idea. Microsoft's Continuum was the first major commercial release of such a device in 2015, followed by Samsung's DeX last year. And there are products like Mirabook and Superbook that can turn a wide variety of smartphones into laptops, allowing you to play online pokies, read the news, play, and most importantly work on them in a familiar fashion.

But Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has taken things one step further. Its latest flagship device, called the Mate 10 Pro, comes with a feature called "PC Mode" that can turn it into a desktop-like PC with a tap. All you need to do is hook it up to a large screen, tap "PC Mode" when prompted, and you're ready to go. Of course, you'll need a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse but that's about it - with just one tap, your smartphone can turn into a PC.

The Ketogenic Energy Drink

You want to have all the benefits of a ketogenic diet, from the higher energy levels to the mental clarity it assures, but you don't want to switch to eating proteins and fats alone? Well, a new sports drink soon to be released by health startup HVMN (pronounced "human") might be the product you're waiting for. HVMN Ketone is a 25-gram pure ketone ester drink that, within 30 minutes of consumption, takes the body to a level of ketosis you would normally only be able to achieve by days of strict dieting. Aside from boosting performance, the new sports drink can also help you lose weight by lowering the levels of the hormone ghrelin in the blood, thus reducing the desire to eat.

HVMN Ketone is not what you would call inexpensive - it can be pre-ordered at a price of $99 for a three-pack and $1086 for a pack of 36 bottles. But if it can do what it claims, it might just be worth it. And it may even reduce your desire to binge on caffeine.

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