Oatmeal & Avacado.. Top Foods on Your "Get Lean" Menu!

John Fit

John Fit, Hailing from coast of Sarasota, Florida in the US of A. John (27) will be providing the Getfrank community a 'how to' on getting in the best shape of your life (Lean & trendy, with very little body fat) with a USP of also exercising your mind on becoming a positive person and achieving great results across the board. Check out all of John's work @ johnfit.com

Muscle Chow, written by Men’s Health Gregg Avedon, is one of my favorite “Eat for Lean Muscle” books that endorses Avocados & Oatmeal as a Paramount Addition to Building a Lean Physique.. Gregg is noted as having his own children already hooked on unsweetened Oatmeal.


Oatmeal and scoop

In my opinion, the BIGGEST piece of any fitness regimen is your diet.. You can work out all day & know all the tricks to lifting weights for muscle, but if you’re not eating correctly, you will never “lean-up”.. However, I’ve actually seen many people who never touch the weights, but eat very clean, and they have great bodies.. As I’ve mentioned before, you look the way you eat.. If you eat a lot of sugars & junk food, your body will operate lethargically and look sloppy like melting ice cream on a hot day (Melting Ice Cream is Pretty sloppy, right?? Ok.. Good.. Thanks!) 90% of the bodies in my gym lack a foundation of muscle.. Don’t confuse a big body with a muscular one.. Many big bodies are so swollen & inflamed with body fat that you actually get the idea that they are carrying some muscle underneath that fat.. But, if you touch their arms, shoulders, or back, your finger will penetrate the soft tissue and go straight the bone.. We need to build that foundation of muscle to create the “hardness” piece of the get lean puzzle.. You won’t find a lean body that doesn’t come with rock solid, hard lean tissue.. No matter if we’re overweight and trying to lose body fat, or skinny and trying to put on muscle, we need to lay a foundation of muscle to have a “toned” look.. In this post I’m going to talk about my 2 All-Star Foods that are eaten religiously in my house when I’m trying to put on muscle..


Old Fashioned, Sugar-Free Oatmeal is Great Building Lean Muscle..

Don’t be afraid of carbs! Oatmeal is the carb that won’t make you fat as long as your working out and trying to put on lean muscle.. Substituting your morning cereal & milk with “Old Fashioned Oatmeal” is a great start to getting lean.. Cereals and Milk are loaded with Sugar and I personally kicked Milk to the curb years a ago.. (Milk is a dairy product that will “Puff Up” your face and create congestion in your body.. If you have any type of food allergies, Milk & heavy dairy are probably at the top of your list of foods to stay away from.. Rule #1- If you want to get Lean and look cut with a defined/sharp face, Stay away from milk.. Milk swells internal skin linings making it tough show off muscle and look lean..) Old-fashioned Oatmeal contains “Good Carbs” that will supply your lean muscle with glycogen making you feel hard and lean, & contains 0 Sugar, so you won’t have to deal with a vicious insulin spike.. That’s the money aspect of Oats.. Sugar is what’s supporting America’s Spare-Tire.. Sugar IS the enemy.. Old Fashioned Oatmeal also contains fiber to speed digestion, no Sodium (So water retention isn’t keeping you from looking lean) & also contains a little MonoSaturated Fat (Good Fats that support muscle tissue & leanness!).. When I’m trying to put on a little muscle, I eat about 4-5 cups of Oats a day & only gain lean muscle.. (125-150g of Carbs, but I’m not scared! 98% of these 700+ calories go straight to supporting lean muscle tissues, as long as I’m lifting twice/week to build lean muscle).. Even when I’m trimming my body fat under 8%, I still eat 2 cups of Oats in the morning.. This is my favorite carb for maintaining/or building lean muscle..

Avocados Are My Favorite “Good Fats” For Building Lean Muscle..

Keep in mind, we’re talking about fuel for lean muscle here.. Too many diets have eliminated fat from the menu.. The RIGHT Fats are a necessity in your diet, if you want to look Lean (I will post more in-depth on “Fats for Muscle”).. As I’ve stated in earlier posts, Fats are the most underrated macronutrient in the fitness industry, leaving protein the most overrated.. If you’re trying to gain muscle, I suggest 20% of your calories come from fats.. Avocados are the perfect fats to add to your “Get Lean” diet because of their mono & poly unsaturated contents (The Good Stuff), plus they can single-handedly make your skin/complexion look 50% better! Running low on fats with send your hormone levels crashing, and eating tons of red meat to boost hormone levels creates stress on digestion tracks, leading to plaque build-up in arterial wall cavities (Prescription for a Stroke or Heart Attack.. Yikes!) Avocados will boost hormone levels without the negative side effects, letting you gain lean muscle tissue & look lean.. Most organic health enthusiasts rank Avocado as the most quality food you put in your body.. If I were stranded on an island and had one only food I could eat, it would have to be Avocados! (Sounds ridiculous because they do taste a little like grass, but I haven’t found a better food for my health.. Plus, when I was rescued off that island, I would look still look & feel great!)


(Eric Carlson/”Worlds Best Abs” Title-Holder shows us one of his patent Protein Shakes, containing 1 whole cup of Oats.. Eric consumes about 3-4 cups of Oats EVERDAY (125g of Carbs & about 660 Calories).. Alot of Carbs just from Oatmeal huh (He Eats alot of Brown Rice as Well).. But look how lean he is & he stays like this all year.. When you’re doing lots cardio and trying to Get Lean, Foods Like Oats Help You Retain Muscle Tissue, so you can Burn Body Fat, not Muscle.. Very Important to Accomplish While Trying to Get Cut and Toned..)

Eric Carlson’s Commitment to Eating Oatmeal..

One of our most advertised models in the fitness industry is Eric Carlson.. This guy is in great shape, and may be someone worth emulating.. Eric is completely ripped, stays lean all year, and looks awesome.. He’s a California kid that surfs & plays sports, works out, and travels quite a bit delivering motivational speeches to big businesses & organizations.. He’s a lot like me in that he’s got his hands into so many responsiblities and ventures, but staying in Grade A Shape in Priority #1.. If you’re not eating correctly, its tough to handle a lot of stress & maintain a lean body.. Eric’s life is full of responsibility, so its interesting to see what he fuels his body with to keep it on the cover of fitness magazines while still handling his other endeavors.. Oatmeal is his most consumed food! This guy is the template lean (without bulky) fitness model and has one of best attitudes on life that I’ve ever seen (He Really Loves Life! Great Positive Energy).. He’s relying on Oatmeal to fuel his lean muscle and his busy mind! What a great testimony to the “Get Lean” menu..

Just to re-iterate a few things.. If you’re looking to lose body fat (I never refer to slimming down as “losing weight” because that’s not the focus.. The focus is to lose “Body Fat” & hold on to muscle tissue which may not make a huge difference in your weight, but will completely change your physique), then you probably need some lean muscle along the way.. Oatmeal is my favorite carb to get this and I eat it in pretty high amounts because my “Energy Out” can support the calories.. Even if you’re not very active on certain days, I would still eat a little Oatmeal because these clean carbs will encourage an alert mind, and help you hold on to lean muscle tissue without collecting body fat.. (Great combination).. Most people don’t get enough healthy fat in their diet.. Eat one avocado a day to get those fats in order to sustain lean muscle tissue growth & testosterone levels.. Also.. A little “Food For Thought Here”.. What’s the two most popular “Masks” a beautician would use on your face if you wanted at a Spal?? An Avocado Mask & Oatmeal Mask! (Whoa whoa.. Don’t get the wrong idea guys.. Taking care of your skin is a great thing! So MEN, don’t be scared to sit down & let a beautiful girl update your complexion.. Its very relaxing, great for you, & guarantees you quality time with an attractive girl.. Who doesn’t want that!?!?) These two foods are soothing and Anti-Inflammatory by nature, so they support free radical damage and calm, stressed properties in your body.. Oatmeal and Avocado also create balance in digestive tracts and strengthen the immune system.. The benefits are endless & I’m obviously an obnoxious fan of these two foods.. I’m going to go into more detail about taking care of your skin for a lean, toned “look” in a later post, but for now consider replacing your cereals & milk with Sugar-Free Old Fashioned Oatmeal for a clean & lean looking body (I actually eat Oatmeal at dinner if I don’t get my daily fix.. I love this stuff!) & bump up your “Good Fats” with an Avocado a day! These foods are staples in my lean & toned body..

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  • Rohan says
    Stay away from milk??? Thats new! I always thought, milk was the secret muscle drink!
    • Haha, victim of television brand bullshit perhaps?
    • Jonathan says
      I think the main reason ppl use milk is for the cost vs Protein supplement. But then this guys 'technique' is more about carbs then protein... he didnt mention anything about eating the other meals throughout the day.

      Since he's on depletion, then id say the usual chicken breast, no oil etc. Ive also heard of people fulfilling some of their carb needs using Taro.
    • Adam says
      Nah mate, milk isn't that good for you, sure its ok for calcium but you can get that in alot of natural foods etc... Always good to get used to having water with things like protein shakes... Try it, its actually not that bad...
    • Reno says
      I always thought milk was good for me... but apparently anything and everything is bad for us haha.
    • I do drink way to much milk. From now on I'll have avocado in my coffee...

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