Get Fit With Your Partner

How workouts with your other half can improve your health and your relationship

When you look at your partner, hopefully you see your “partner in crime”. The woman that motivates you to be a better version of yourself. (Excuse us for the sappiness, but we’re getting to our point).

Because of your bond, you and your partner are just as happy hanging out in front of the TV with Netflix and takeaways as you are heading out for drinks on a Saturday night...

Until, one day, you both look in the mirror and realise you’ve put on 5 or more kilos of “relationship weight”. Maybe a special event in your lives has triggered this awakening: you’ve proposed and now there’s a wedding to think about or the two of you have been together awhile and just had a baby.

As you both ponder what happened to those fit people you used to be, we’d like to offer up an interesting factoid: couples that sweat together tend to stay together. We’re referring to the benefits of shared gym time and training sessions, of course!

If you both want to get back into shape, we have some tips on how the two of you can work together to achieve your personal goals. We also share why it might be a great move.

Your partner might just be the perfect gym buddy

You may live for strength training while she’s a yoga nut.  

Naturally, you’ll both think: I should work out on my own because we both enjoy different things. Yet, you’re missing the benefits of training together as soon as go your separate ways.

Working out together despite different preferences means you’ll challenge each other -- but in a good way. Letting her lead you through stretching exercises helps you condition your body to prevent injury. Later, you can challenge her a bit with strength training, while letting her work at a comfortable pace.

There’s another major benefit to think about. When you have a gym buddy who lives with you, you also have: instant moral support. Someone who will help you stay motivated, especially when you try to cancel a gym session. You’re in this together

If you’re keen to try shared workouts: talk first

It’s important you talk about what is realistic for you both.

She may have to run at a slower pace to meet yours or you may have to stop offering up “pointers” while you're both lifting weights. Yoga might be a complete “no go” for one or both of you.

Figure out where there’s common ground. Make the most of it.

We also want to be clear that we’re not suggesting you should only workout with your partner. It’s an option to help you both be successful with starting or getting back into a fitness routine.

However, there is something to be said for alone time. Some guys like to run or lift weights, for example, on their own. It’s an escape. A chance to let off steam. The same could be said for the lady in your life. She may love a solo Crossfit or Bikram yoga session.

Again, talk about what makes sense for both of you.

So, how will this help my relationship?

Right, we said there’s more to it than dropping some weight and toning up. When you and your partner work out together, you gain:

Better communication. You have to talk in order to make training with your partner a success. Women enjoy communication which means she’ll feel closer to you. You’ll both have to be open and honest as you work out the basics, such as: 

    - What will you do together during your workouts?

    - Where will you train?

    - How can you both make time for fitness? How will you support each other?

    - Is there any type of workout or training that might be off limits?

    - How will you balance your schedules and/or childcare to make co-gym sessions a reality?

Alone time. If you’re raising a young family, gym time can become important bonding time away from the kids -- even if they’re not far away. Many gyms now offer child-minding services. 

Stress relief plus a mood boost. Working out has physical benefits but the emotional ones are key. When you feel good, everything else in your life improves. This includes:

    - How you interact with your partner

    - How you perform at work

    - How you cope with any difficult or stressful situation

You are both at your best when your endorphin levels are elevated.

More energy. Life is busy. You have a job placing demands on you as well as a partner you want to spend time with and kids to chase after. Then there’s your social life to maintain. Your girlfriend or your wife is faced with juggling all the same elements. Finding the time to exercise is worth it because you’ll both have the energy it takes to power through the week.

Romantic sparks. Keeping things exciting in your relationship takes work. You’re on a journey together, but you’re also trying to hold onto that initial attraction. Exercise is going to keep you both feeling and looking good.

Secrets for making co-gym time successful

There are a few surefire ways to go wrong with training together, so we wanted to share with you how to get it right:

Plan together. If you take the time to talk and find common ground, you’ll increase your chances for success. You should both agree on scheduling as well as the full training plan for your first gym session. What will you do? For example: 

   - 20 minutes of strength training

   - 20 minutes walking or running on the treadmill

   - 10 minutes of stretching

This way you won’t have to think about what you’ll do with your time. The plan is in place. By planning in advance, you’ll both have to decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to reach your goals.

Pace yourselves. Working out with your partner is not about competition. She’s got strengths and so do you. Help each other track rest time so you both maintain good form during movements. It’s easy for either one of you to race ahead and burn out. You’ll both get more out of training if you can give it your all for your entire session. 

Consider fitness classes or a personal trainer. If you’ve both been away from the gym for a while, try classes led by a qualified trainer or ask for support from a personal trainer. A few sessions may be all it takes to get the two of you in sync and feeling good about your movements. Plus, a professional can keep you both on track as it’s easy to mirror incorrect movements with any gym buddy. 

Encourage each other. Be positive and help your partner push through tough moments in your workout. Feel out how much motivational talk your partner wants and what it is your partner needs to hear during tough moments. She’ll do the same for you. 

Make a plan together and stick to it

If you’ve realised it’s time to reclaim something of your former selves, make a plan and run forward together.

You’ll find your partner is keen to hit the gym and train with you. After all, the biggest reason why your partner skips exercise is because she feels like there’s no time for it. She wants to hang out with you -- and the kids, if you have them.

Make gym time about together time and you’ll both be glad to hop on the treadmill.

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