10 Questions with Coach Rhys

Coach Rhys Jolly is a personal trainer with a clientele that ranges from national and provincial athletes, through to business leaders and your everyday person. 

Rhys will be at the Live Well Festival, an Auckland event at The Cloud on October 14 and 15. We find out his philosophy on exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. 

1. What is your motto when it comes to exercise?

I believe that exercise is an opportunity to connect with people, to sweat, laugh and be positively stimulated; it's something you should find exciting and where you can enjoy your surroundings. Exercise is far more than just turning up to the gym, it’s about living a healthy, enjoyable and exciting lifestyle.

2. What is your go to meal when you are in a rush but want to be healthy?

As I am always busy running between clients, group sessions, brand engagements, and working on or running wellness retreats, I find that being prepared is so important when it comes to food and ensuring that I am nourishing my body with the right choices. This helps to ensure that I don’t grab at anything, or the most convenient snack or meal around me which might not be the best to fuel me. Snack: Handful of almonds or a boiled egg. Meal: cooked chicken from the supermarket or canned tuna.

3. What is your least favourite exercise?

Anything that is on a machine or that is just working one plane of motion. I like exercises that are stimulating, different and that are going to push my body and mind in all sorts of different areas.

4. How did you get in to personal training?

I was originally going to university to become an architect but had always had a huge interest in sports and being active. After my final year of high school, I received a scholarship for rugby which I accepted, and then decided to look at qualifications that would supplement my interest in rugby. That's where I eventually fell in love with Personal Training and having a positive influence in people lives.

5. Why is HIIT training so effective?

Time: You can burn more calories in a short amount of time so it's great for a busy person or when we don’t have time but still want to bring ourselves to a sweat and feel the rush of those endorphins!

Increases your metabolic rate: Not only do you burn a lot of calories during your session, but your body is in a state where it will keep burning a higher rate of calories for 24 hours after that workout compared with if you had just done a steady state workout, such as a run.

6. What is your top tip for staying motivated?

Goal set: Know what your goal is, understand it and why it drives you 

Plan: Plan what you need to do to achieve your goal, and when and how you're going to do it 

Feeling: Focus on the positive feeling that exercise gives you. The more you focus on the positive responses, the more you can use this to drive and motivate you to continue to exercise rather than directing your attention to the negative experiences or the pain your body may feel momentarily. Try to look further ahead and focus on the longer term positive feelings

7. What is the biggest myth around exercise?

That doing lots of cardio is the most effective way to lose body fat and tone up.

8. Alongside keeping active, what would you say are the other crucial elements to a healthy lifestyle?

Looking at the bigger picture of your lifestyle and having a balance of eating things that are natural, colourful and fresh. Making sure you have some “you time” where you can relax, put down any devices and technology influences, and take some time out to remember what you're grateful for. These simple gratitude moments are so effective at bringing out a smile and giving you the warm feeling inside, helping you to switch perspective in an instant and retain a positive focus.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

A rum and coke on a Friday or Saturday night

10. What other exhibitor or person are you most excited to see at the Live Well festival?

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone explaining and showing off what they are passionate about and what makes them tick! I love seeing people in their element and enjoying what they do. Really looking forward to the weekend and connecting with new people who have the same underlying interest as me.

For more information on the Live Well Festival, click here.

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