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Here's a really simple way to manage situations where children find out about swear words and ask you what they mean - simply use the phrase "it's a toilet word". Rather than go into detail about the word itself or fumble around for an explanation the "toilet word" phrase gives you an easy out. That way you can also deal with the situation quickly and without embarrassment - this sends a signal to your child that the word is really not important and chances are they will forget about it (for a while ... ). Of course it's only delaying the inevitable but it's just not a great look to have a 5 year old who swears like the proverbial... read full article


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Young children and swear words or cursing - what to do

Young children learn swear words from their parents. Often parents do not realise that they are cursing each other. Also it is best to keep tabs on language of other friends at school.



A 'toilet word'?? Way to confuse them. I've used 'rude word', kids understand that.

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