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Add a slice of Swedish cool to your autumn evenings and warm up with the delicious new Rekorderlig Cider Orange-Ginger; the latest addition to the premium cider range. A completely new flavour to the New Zealand cider market, Rekorderlig Orange-Ginger is made from the purest Swedish spring water, lashings of juicy oranges and a warm hint of ginger. In celebrating the launch of the new Rekorderlig Orange-Ginger flavour, Rekorderlig is inviting Kiwis to go on the “Rekord”.  If you win, enclosed with your Rekorderlig Orange-Ginger, you’ll receive a mini camera for you to “Rekord” your style, you drinking your delicious ... read full article



Love swedish cider



Never tried Cider. Seems to be the 'thing' now. But nothing will replace a good beer.






Mmm, sounds really good!



My girlfriend's name is Dee she loves this drink we call her deecider and her sister is named Bee -- beecider --



Keens as!



Looks like an awesome prize, I love their other flavours but haven't tried this one yet


The Pom

I have tried the Lime, & the Orange/ Ginger flavour Rekorderlig cider and very impressed I was too.
I was given a Rekorderlig glass for Christmas, so I am all ready to use it at a moment's notice.
I must say with all the new exciting flavours Rekorderlig have, cider has really become a mature drink as opposed to the Merrydown Tumbledown scrumpy I had to drink in my youth.
It would be awesome to sip and reminisce.



The camera looks so awesome!



I've had a couple of these before and they are damn tasty.

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