Discussing :: Win a Stella Artois Christmas Tree & Chalice Set

Stella Artois was named after the star of Christmas, when the brew was originally created in Leuven, Belgium in 1366. But while snow falls on the other side of the world, a cold glass of Stella Artois is the perfect way to celebrate a summer Christmas the Kiwi way – out in the sunshine with good food and good friends. For those who appreciate fine quality and craftsmanship, Stella Artois is a traditional treat that’s an exquisite match to New Zealand’s not-so-traditional Christmas dinner – it’s a perfect accompaniment to lamb, glazed ham, pork roasts, crayfish, shellfish and chocolate. Look out for Stella Artois at... read full article


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Sure I can fine someone in Auckland who will happily take the tree and send me the glasses!



Merry Christmas



Ive alaways wanted a real xmas tree!



oh yeah have a Stella xmas Artois



This would be fantastic - I would gift the tree to family living in Auckland and keep the chalices for myself :)



Done, Merry Christmas and happy tree climbing



Would be a hell of lot better than the fakey with pine air freshener!


The Pom

What a fantastic prize thank you Frank this would be just magic.



A fine beer to help celebrate Christmas.



Christmas spirit at its best.


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