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POMPEII is coming to cinemas March 20, and Roadshow Films and Craccum are giving you the chance to WIN one of 10 inseason double passes to this massive blockbuster! SYNOPSIS POMPEII is set in the days leading up to the famous eruption of Mt Vesuvius, which destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii.  Kit Harington (TV’s Jon Snow) stars as Milo, an enslaved gladiator, who must fight for his life in the arena every day.  When Cassia (Emily Browning) enters his world and his heart, he must also fight his feelings for her – a noblewoman who can never be his.  That is until all the world is changed by a storm of ash and lava that will... read full article


Win A Double Pass To POMPEII

Can't wait to see Jon Snow again :P



was always facinated about the time vesuvius blew its top, and the destruction it left behind



Yes please looks an action packed movie.


Life Member

Yes please



I love volcanoes, and action, and movies, and volcanoes in action in movies................sounds perfect to me!



I'd love to see this



I was thinking this was for Pizza, but it sounds like a pretty good movie. Can always get pizza afterwards.



too soon man!



Having visited Pompeii, I would love really love to see this movie and learn more about this historical event!



Another awesome looking movie I want to see

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