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Serve the best barbecue this summer thanks to Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce. Dubbed 'meat’s best friend' and possibly the world’s best barbecue sauce, Glasseye Creek Wild Meat sauce is great with venison, wild pork, rabbit, duck, but also with meats that ain’t so wild, like chicken, beef or lamb. It’s a premium, batch-made all-natural sauce like no other. Serve as an accompaniment or use in your marinade, your barbecue won’t be the same without it. It’s the perfect gift for a man – or woman – who loves a good barbecue; and it's now available at participating retailers nationwide.... read full article


Win 1 of 2 Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce

Sounds Delish!



MMmMMmMmmm gotta have sauce



so good with absolutely anything!!!



This looks sooooo good, would make a great gift for the Father in Law!



Sounds tasty... just in time for bbq season too.

New Member

love sauce over my sausages on the bbq



Spotted a dead pheasant on the side of the motorway the other day. Was tempted to stop but didn't. Glad the wild sauce suit not so wild meat also as I have pork roast in the freezer.



This is good sauce



A sauce that work with meat. Perfect.



Something I would like yes sir I would



the perfect sauce for a bit of roadkill. lovely.

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