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I recently read two articles about travel fitness. One said that while you're traveling, you should keep up with 50% of your normal training and the other said you should keep up with only one-third. Both were written by well known fitness professionals and both said that you should NOT expect to keep up your regular exercise program while you are traveling. That struck me as kind of "lame" and I said to myself, “Why the heck not? Why do people have such low standards and demand so little of themselves? Why do they let themselves off the hook and scale back?” Sometimes, of course, traveling is purely for a vacation – including a... read full article


Travel Fitness Secrets

The hotel with a kitchen is great advice!


Travel Fitness Secrets

Guys, I think myself lucky because I don't do all this hard work, but I admire you for it!
I have travelled a huge amount in my work. I know where the local KFC is in all the cities I go to, and love it! Always good, always safe, always good price, and sooo tasty!

Hope I have not undermined your committment, go hard!


Travel Fitness Secrets

Hugh, they do grilled chicken at KFC now! So get some of that, plus the coleslaw or bean salad, and you won't be doing too bad. There's always a slightly better version of what you're currently eating.....it never has to be a drastic change. But over time it adds up.


Travel Fitness Secrets

I'm very active when home in my routine, but it all goes out the window when traveling. This article has some great tips to help keep me on track, cheers!


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