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“I would normally write a polite declining response to your request for an interview in your magazine.  However, having seen your question list and its reference to “leadership” I am delighted to accept so as to spread the gospel on what nonsense is implied in that much vaunted proposition.”Sir Bob Jones. We aimed for the top and asked one of our country’s most well known property investors and entrepreneurs, Sir Bob Jones, to take part in our Actual Habits series. As leadership Week dawns we think this is the perfect time to share Sir Bob’s insights into leadership and success. How would you describe your... read full article



yeah totally agree with him, Specially about the business students employed a few at our work and they are terrible, think they know everything and want to be leaders at each pass even if they are heading the wrong way



Very opinionated. Probably right. Oh and a great read. Sir Bob, I'm going to buy that bizarrely obscure sounding book of yours.



'and my will to live, which only women periodically weaken'

Ahh great, I see Sir bob has a weakness like us other males. Inertia and fustration at the failure to truly catorgise women.

Also I see his love of media does not translate into all its different forms ....cellphones...does he not think people now read digital books and keep up to date with the latest news with these gadgets called 'smartphones'. Maybe the staring minions in koru club are really aspiring to keep up with Sir Bobs reading frequency or are chatting excitedly about novelist Evelyn Waugh.

Be not so fast to judge young man.


New Member

Why the hell isn't there a date on this bloody interview? Was it from last century or yesterday?



Sir Bob - completely agree on the 'contentment, friends, laughter and varied interests' however......
.... you said it, but didn't say it....'work as a team' suggests listening and respect for those in your team/community.
Respect implies not being a judgemental prick with those with cellphones or MBAs. Listening and reading gives us exposure to other ideas and unusual problem solving pathways. If strength lies in our difference not our similarities why your open discontent this those of the above? A poor MBA (too common) experience? Tech phobia? I'm sure the selection pool for your employ is not greatly affected.


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