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The Fitbit Zip makes a great addition to your exercise routine. It tracks everything you need it to, including your steps, just like a basic pedometer, but also distance and calories burned. What sets it apart from a usual pedometer is the fitbit’s online integration. The fitbit zip is able to sync with other online applications, like My Fitness Pal, which I have been using for the past ten months to track my eating habits. It also syncs with your own computer every fifteen minutes if you are in range, and from that you can track your progress on your smartphone using the fitbit app. I’ve found the achievements you gain daily for a certain amount of... read full article


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Review: Fitbit Zip

Love it ... Though I think (issues finding it aside) Black or Blue are the only colours worth considering. Have been looking for a stylish pedometer to wear while geocaching or walking the puppy; looks like I may have found one at last.



The achievements on this seem far more rewarding than their video-game equivalents.



Wow, these look ideal, Ive been using a really budget pedometer and looking for something like this as I dont have a smart phone and they seem to have really neat apps (insert sad face here) to track fitness and gym work in a easy way and since Santa is a grinch Im not likely to get one any time soon, but this seems fun and I love a wee internal challenge!



This sounds awesome what an excellent tool to start people exercises.



Looks like an over-priced fitness gadget to me. Will be interesting to give it a try and see if the added internet-connectivity is worth it. It might add a new competitive dimension if you can compare stats with friends/family that also have one.



If I win one of these I will let you know if its any good or not :)



Since I've been tracking rides and runs on various phones over the years, this would just be an extension to that, would be great.



I'm definitely keen to win this!! Will be leaving hints for my hubby for xmas if not..



want it



Love the cute colors it comes in so much better than the average pedometer :)

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