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Doing the job that I do, I often hear stories about sexual escapades or get asked questions about sexual behaviour by friends, family and acquaintances – it’s an occupational hazard. Over the years I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme, and that is how to tell if you are good in bed – or more specifically how to tell if your partner is enjoying themselves while you make love. It can sometimes be difficult to know if your partner is having a good time in bed – not all women are as vocal as porn stars about their level of enjoyment. In a long term relationship the best and easiest way to know, is to ask your partner. But if you are with... read full article


Reading Her Sexual Body Language

I believe this to be true...


Reading Her Sexual Body Language

Thanks Sarah.
One thing I've learned in 35 years of love-making...no two women give exactly the same response.

They range from extremely vocal, to inhibited.
But you are on the button with body language..and your cues are excellent.

if more guys would study basic body language, they wouldn't miss out on so many pretty ladies trying to get their attention, but not succeeding.

Women are subtle, but we need it spelt out.
So many friends have commented to me about girls not interested in them, yet the body language was there for them to read, but they didn't understand enough.

It's so easy, only takes reading 1 good book about it.
Always a pleasure reading your articles Sarah.


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