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As the youngest-ever Councillor to be elected to the Rodney District Council, Michael Goudie has a refreshingly passionate perspective on the future of Auckland. Michael is now standing for election as one of the two representatives of the Albany Ward, which encompasses 138,000 people in the East Coast Bays, Albany and Hibiscus Coast. In what is now a pivotal time for the people of Auckland City, Michael has connected with his community via the ever-expanding social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.  In doing so he has generated real, and often down-to-earth, discussion and feedback on topical council issues. With local elections just around the... read full article


Q&A's with Michael Goudie

"refreshingly passionate perspective"? - sounds like a something from a graduate CV to hide a lack of experience. Goudie sounds like a good guy, but Auckland needs better!


Q&A's with Michael Goudie

To me it sounds like he just did his apprenticeship and now he's ready for the next step. Experience that comes with age has proven time and time again that its not the answer. Good luck MIchael, the more people we have like you on board the better.


Q&A's with Michael Goudie

Top Bloke, Maturity beyond his years and adds voice to a generation that need to be heard in Auckland!!! Go Michael!


Steff S
Q&A's with Michael Goudie

we need some fresh blood in this sector. boot out the old codgers and get a young opinion in. after all, young people are the future


Q&A's with Michael Goudie

Incredibly inspirational to say the least - I'll be watching him with eager anticipation to see what he does next!!


Q&A's with Michael Goudie

What one says and what one does are two totally different things, i've yet to vote for someone who actually follows through with what they've said they will. Once in its 'lets vote ourselves a pay raise' and 'forgot' all our 'promises'. I haven't decided who it is i will place my vote for yet but it will take more than 'will dos' i want to see some action.

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