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Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

Muay Thai is such a full on form of martial arts. You have so much of your body that you can use as weapons including knees and elbows. Elbows can leave some very nasty gashes. It isn't a sport for the faint hearted, but if your looking for some devistating blows to watch then this is the sport to watch. John Wayne Parr and Carnage are great fighters to watch. They have alot of power behind thier hits and love throwing elbows. My partner has been teaching Muay Thai for about 15 years and teaches my daughter self defence moves. Pity the boy that breaks her heart!


Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

That was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sea Dogg
Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

That was crazy insane!


Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

Looked staged haha. WWE anyone? Those guys can certainly take a hit


Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

morals of the story :
a)look before you leap

b)watch out for crazy b@stards about to smack you with a massive aluminium plate

c)a square kick to the neck can be a sureshot way of proving your point

d)it is okay to knock out the ref if he gets in the way. he is everyone's bitch.


Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

Wow! That was epic! I travelled to Dunedin earlier this year for MMA, we had cage-side seats (my idea) but after the first fight I actually thought I may be sick as I had no idea that the choke moves were ok! I met a woman who's son was up next and we ended up both on the floor next to the cage encouraging him to ground n pound his opponent and yelling and swearing that the other guy had nothing, her son had the hugest eye-egg and split eyebrow and lip but the look on his gace when he won said it all, Im so addicted to MMA now!


Zoe Victoria
Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

At least the blows to the head are gonna lessen the pain from the godawful music!


Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

Looks fake


Cameron Von Spameron
Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

I really want to go to the Reggae Disco-Tek upstairs now..... .. Muay Thai + WWF = Smurf tears


Most Brutal Muay Thai Fight Ever

one of them should used the Karate Kids Crane kick!

Wax on Wax off!!!!!!!!!!!

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