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Pompakour is an awesome new sport that's a mash up of parkour and ladders. No camera tricks here these kids are just insane. read full article


Nutta Pete
Ladder Parkour

Even knowing that there ARE camera tricks involved I STILL think these guys are insane! What an awesome way to get a peek into people's living rooms ;-)


Ladder Parkour

I need a ladder to get up off the couch.


Ladder Parkour

I love this ad, pretty amazing, just crazy how people think to give this a try in the first place! Maybe Im just a chicken!


Moose Mahon
Ladder Parkour

I tried some Pompakour on the weekend...it was AWESOME!!!!

I had to get up on the roof to fix a small leak...so immediately there was DANGER all around...I could easily have slipped on the corrugated iron at any moment, and fallen 1 story below on to freshly cut grass!!!!!! Talk about adrenaline!!!!

Not only that, but to add extra excitement, I got my wife to hold the ladder for me as I inched my way up on to the roof, and at one point, she let go with one of her hands to hand me up my hammer. I was halfway up the ladder...at least 3 feet off the ground!!! You can imagine how my heart was pounding when I saw her release her grip with one hand leaving only the four wooden chocks, rope supports and her other arm holding the ladder in place!!! Talk about having a heart attack!!!

Anway, the parkour was really fun, I'd recommend it to anyone, all you really need is a ladder and a sense of adventure...


Ladder Parkour

Good on them for being so fit damit , guess its a wake up call for me to start doing something adventurous like this, might get to burn a few calories and feel the adrenaline rush. woohuuu . haha.


Kiwi Gas
Ladder Parkour

Terrific to see such athleticism, timing and bravery. Not for me though..


Ladder Parkour

harden up Moose Mahon! take a walk on the wild side and don't get your mrs to hold the ladder at all!!!!!!!!!!

I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!


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