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The opening scene of "Jack Reacher" is uncanny in its disquiet similarity to tragic current events. Mirroring too closely for comfort the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, a sniper drives to an isolated section of a car park and proceeds to take down five seemingly random passersby across from the Pittsburgh Pirates' PNC Park. Discussions follow in regards to a motive and the killers' psychological state, but fortunately the parallelism ends there. The remainder of the picture, an adaptation of the novel "One Shot" by Lee Childs, written for the screen and directed by Christopher McQuarrie (2000's... read full article


Jack Reacher

I still can't get to grip with the fact they have a midget playing Jack Reacher,how carefully did they read the books.


Tom Cruise playing a big part, maybe that's how they get around it. Should still be a good movie even if he doesn't quite measure up, it's one l want to see.



Havent read the books but movie looks alright. At least i wont be annoyed that hes short like everyone else



Have always loved the Jack Reacher books - looks llike Tom Cruise is set for life if they keep writing screen plays of them!



Kind of a bit annoyed that Tom Cruise is playing the lead but will check the film out anyway as it looks quite good


Im gutted its Cruise as he is almost polar opposite of the image I have reading the books, and I detest the man, but I loved the movie, it only takes a wee while to forget its Cruise and its a really good movie, really suggest seeing it on the big screen, and there is a great car chase scene too



A friend recently saw this and said it was a great film so really looking forward to seeing it!!


Fire & Stone

Tom Cruise used to be one of my favourites but seem to have gone off him a bit lately



Tom Cruise always measures up to his parts- that is the tricks of acting and cinematography- and who has read the book anyway ? Just hope he doesn't crack that cheesey grin too often. Like the MI series, you know what to expect....the trick to this movie is, can it surprise ???



I like Tom Cruise as an actor so I think I will enjoy the movie.



Even though tom cruise didnt fit the description of jack reacher in the story i think he done real well playing this part and i found it a great movie still.


Kiwi Gas

Being a Jack Reacher fan, and having enjoyed the book 'One Shot', I was a little worried how this movie would turn out - especially with Cruise in the lead role. I needn't have worried - this is a thrill-a-minute experience, and Cruise pulls it off. Able support from Rosamund Pike and Robert Duvall put the cherry on the cake. Go see it.

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