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Popular comedian and much-loved Variety New Zealand Ambassador, Ewen Gilmour has been honoured by Variety – The Children’s Charity with a Variety International Presidential Citation. These awards are given annually in recognition of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to a local Variety chapter. Get Frank chats to Ewen about his work with Variety, comedy, and looking after long hair. Your contribution to Variety was recently recognised with a Variety Presidential Citation. Can you tell us about what you do for Variety? I shake the bucket! I will also work as a MC at events I do fundraising shows for various teams. Being a... read full article


Interview: Ewen Gilmour

Love love love Ewen... sooooo naturally funny!!!! does a lot of charity work too!


Ewen you are an inspiration, west is best !



I love Ewen so funny!!!! He's a good bloke too.



He looks like every bogan I've ever met but I think he really is very quick and clever and really knows what he's talking about.



You make everything funny dude. Loved being part of the stage audience of Would I Lie to You. I hope your not afraid of your footsteps anymore!



Been lucky enough to have a car ride with Ewen during a charity bash.... GREAT GREAT GUY!!!!



Ewen..He's the ultimate Weatie. Funny, Cool & Good Looking xx



I went to what was then billed as Ewens very last gig and the Comedy club in Aucks. I recall the lights going up and there he was sitting on a beer crate and was silent - for AGES and then he looked at the crowd and announced a preamble along the lines of that it was his last gig so he didnt give a fuck if he said anything and what the fuck were we going to do about it - boycott his next show? The whole place pissed their pants!!!



Congratulations to Ewen Gilmour. After all he's been through it's great to see he's still got a heart of gold. What a fabulous cause.



Ewen you bring happiness to many and that my friend is a true gift



Alot of people would just give up and hide away from the world after going through personal tragedy like he has but not this guy-legend!

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