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Anyone trying to start a running program knows that he or she needs to keep the training going on a nearly daily basis—and that’s no easy feat. Yes of course, running burns mad calories, boosts metabolism levels through the roof, and can get you into the best shape of your life, but the high impact nature of this activity can lead to discomfort, injury and a myriad of health problems. Therefore, if you’re looking to start a running program, here are a few beginner’s guidelines that can get you up and going without running the risk of injury or overtraining. Get the Right Running Shoes When it comes to warding off running injury early... read full article


How to start running without injury or burnout

Ive just recently tried to get in to running, got me some great pink Nikes, that feel like gel heaven and some 'look at me' bright gear so I dont get run over and now my problem is my actual lack of fitness! Ive recently been diagnosed with asthma so know its in my best interest to keep on trying, does anyone else here train happily with asthma? I bike and swim almost daily yet find runing/jogging and even fast walking has me literally grabbing my inhaler after a mere 100m! Yikes! Is it me or does running take more will power than I have? Or do I need to revisit the doctor? would love to hear if anyone else has struggled with this or maybe just a post to cheer me on!



Might want to check with a doc. I don't have asthma but have done running on and off every now and then. I find it hard to keep it going as a routine, but do like the high afterwards.



great article! thanks



Can't argue with any of those pointers - all very good advice. The only thing that I would add is to get good advice i.e. NOT some bloke you just met at the pub or fish'n'chip shop (it's OK to go there so long as you walk-run-walk there and back!) but a professional like many running shoe shops have in-house; and if you have had or are prone to lower limb injuries, you might actually want to fork out for some specialist advice - could be cheaper in the long term...



Good article. I started to run so this will be helpful.



There's lots of good advice in this article. It might help to have a goal as well-you don't have to run a a marathon though. There are some great 10 km options around and even some 5 km events. Then you can move up as you gain in confidence. They are fun and often there's some great spot prizes!



...shoe clinic helped me out got me in the right shoes for running and cardio work....I started power walking and then doing little squirts of running until I was comfortable with just running, because it had been a while since doing so...and now I love doing it....first step is really making that step and never turning back



I have only been running for a wee while but am completely addicted and when I have to walk instead because I'm sick or injured I hate it - it's so slow and boring! Thanks for the great info. I always feel slack when I have to stop for a rest but will think differently about it now. I could do with some of that "unexpected weight loss" though! ;O)



Perfect way to start summer time though, I think I might try the walk-jog-walk progress to walk-run-walk then hopefully run run run! I need to find 'the zone' that other runners find!

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