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Motogo dial-a-driver is a company that's dedicated to offering a solution to reduce the price of dial-a-driver in NZ. How? Because we ride mopeds to you and your car and only use one driver per job! Motogo - the safe, affordable way to get you and your car home safely. It's simple. You drink, we drive. But unlike other dial-a-driver companies, motogo are more affordable (and often far quicker to arrive!) due to our NZ unique business model. So basically it works like this... Call 0800motogo (668646) and a carefully selected, professional, uniformed driver, will arrive to meet you on a folding moped. They are comprehensively insured and ready to drive... read full article


Get home safe with Motogo

That's a really good idea, i hope it works out well. Taxi's are over-rated.
They turn up on foldable mopeds.


Peter T

The drivers turn up on a folding moped.



Folding moped.
Prettly slick idea mate!



Folding Moped - excellent!



Smart idea! Very cool - Folding moped get me in the draw!


New Member

Folding moped - what a fab idea cabs are a rip off



folding moped



folding moped. Pity its only 15kms out. I live out South and am often in need of a ride home! Can i use two vouchers in one night?



folding moped


folding mopeds lol



I am more intrigued about the fact that you can fold these mopeds!! how amazing!!!


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