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So there has been lots of talk about the Woman’s G-spot – where it is, how to find it, and how to turn a woman into putty by using it. However there hasn’t been that much discussion on the male g-spot, and I have a sneaky suspicion that a few of you may not even know you have one... so here goes!The male g-spot or p-spot is the name given to a males prostate – and luckily for you it is easier to find that a woman’s g-spot. I realise that for some of you the idea of exploring this area may be taboo, but if you keep an open mind when reading this article, it may just provide you one of the best orgasm’s you have ever... read full article


Discover the P-spot

Aww, bless you Sarah, my gf is reading this tonight!

Sarah G

Thanks for the feedback :) Hope it was helpful.



...just a little worried they may find the S-spot.


A one letter acronym that I have NO interest in finding the meaning of!


cmu....if he farts when your doing thee old rim job...that would just be wrong!



I agree with this, and it works in a nice way specially to have multiple orgasm for a male. i worked it out and just today i got very interesting result, i posted below comments on another post, but felt worth to link with this discussion

It is 100% possible for a male to get multiple orgasm, i could make it finally after a lot of learning and last two days i could practice it easily, today i learned how to move it to the 100% climax exactly like with ejaculation but without ejaculating. It happened with

No partner

while sitting on driving seat it works so great - may be the g-spot stimulation is easy while sitting giving pressure to this area

bladder is 80% full - gives move pressure and may help to bring g-spot stimulation faster

just concentration on genital area

No ERECTION (may be 20% or less) easy to control ejaculation by keeping it in this state like relaxing muscle like when urinating and bring the feeling at this state

after 1st 100% climax, could make it every 30sec, it passes 5-8 pulses / waves every time

during argasm with ejaculation you feel ha......ha........ha.......
in this you feel ha.ha.ha. the phase of ejaculation missing

no tiredness to any muscle, can make it as many times as we want one after another

so fast to bring it back even after 1hr, since no ejaculation

at a point you cant control it in public places, since difficult to take the mind from that state of fun, so it goes as it is and i could make it while standing in public few times today

after my experience, i thought to search for any writing on this interesting topic and found this article, thought to share my experience to the readers, i am thinking to write a good essay on how to make it and post to the guys who are interested.

I believe its much easier for females by the same way of practice and concentration.

finally if any one says it is not possible for a male to get multiple orgasm, it is wrong and it does exist in real.

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