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Architecture has a purpose, but some buildings are so unusual they are just plain silly. Sure, architects aren’t perfect, but I wonder how they come up with such crazy ideas. Here are some of the weirdest and most unusual buildings on the earth - I promise these aren't Photoshopped. Hope you like it. Olympic Stadium (Montreal Quebec, Canada) Designed for the 1976 Olympic Games, the Olympic Stadium was not completed on time due to a strike by construction workers. The 556 foot leaning tower designed to retract the roof stood half finished until 1987 when the roof was finally completed. It took another 2 years before the roof, made from 60,696 square... read full article


Creative Architecture

How about the giant Toilet hose owned by the Japanes toile Tycoon?


Liam Sweeney
Creative Architecture

Are these buldings earthquake proof?


Creative Architecture

Some of these aren't so bad. They're pretty creative - and isn't that what we expect of our architects? Who wants boring buildings all the time?


Creative Architecture

Wow someone's really got a creative, if slightly weird mind!


Creative Architecture

most of these are awesome, even if some look dumb, the engineering is usually pretty inspiring


Creative Architecture

Wow, some great stuff here. I particularly like the twisting torso. It's so elegant. Also the stone house. People have been carving out homes in rocks for millenia, which is astounding in itself, but this one is the most fantastical.


Creative Architecture

Don't forgot everyone's favourite kooky weatherman Jim Hickey's oddly shaped house, with anything but straight windows and doors. I can't find any pictures unfortunately.


Creative Architecture

Yea these are awesome. You should all see what they want to do with the Wellington International Terminal............Yes they are Pumpkins


Creative Architecture

I wonder if a Crooked Man lives in the Crooked House, haha!
man these are crazy...Talk about pushing the limits.


Creative Architecture

I reckon these look awesome! Would love to go and see them, especially the Guggenheim Museum in Spain - that looks fantastic!

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