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We all know that men and women are different and that sometimes each of the genders needs a little decoding in front of the other. In fact, often times it seems like we are from different planets. Here are 35 things your lady wishes you would understand…1) Just ‘cos we occasionally get slightly jealous over your attention to other women does not mean we are clinically insane. Sometimes all we need is a little reassurance that you fancy us even if our breasts are real and we aren’t on the cover of FHM. 2) We do have emotional rollercoasters. Get over it. We can’t be happy all the time and we don’t want to be. You can’t have... read full article


New Member
35 things women wish men understood

Excellent tips!! - I hope my husband reads this :)


35 things women wish men understood

here's one husband who's reading it ..ok.:) just not sure about #32..still it goes bothways i suppose! thanks for the tips.


Del Betham
35 things women wish men understood

Making time for one another is my favourite tip. Even if it's something insignificant that both partners have to do, making the time to do it together is a joy. Watching TV together is my favourite. Doing the dishes together is my girlfriend's. Giving up a little of your precious time for that someone special will work miracles. I have seen it work in my life. Truly a wonderful experience. Give it a go this festive season.


35 things women wish men understood

AWESOME TIPS... Printing this page for my husband to keep it front of his eyes all the time..LOL


35 things women wish men understood

If you really love your partner doing any of these things should be fun! I love to pamper my girl. A happy girl is a happy guy which is a happy relationship


35 things women wish men understood

35 things is a bit much, isn't it? Unfortunately my attention span won't allow me to ream past the top 5 :p


35 things women wish men understood

# 29 is my fav tip, make sure you read this one guys. Anand, If you're struggling to get past # 5, you should read just a couple a day, it will score you extra brownie points with your girl if you make the effort :)


35 things women wish men understood

ok ok mine will have to be no10....yes I know but I have 3 children and some days I am really tired when it comes to bedtime....I just want to lax out and cuddle while the house is peaceful...


Shaine Pask
35 things women wish men understood

It's simple - every man should learn it - HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE. enough said


35 things women wish men understood

Great tips, and agree - a happy girl is a happy guy..! So, who is keen to write 35 things men wish women understood..? ;-)

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