Discussing :: Tee shirts to shirts, Whens it time to change?



bit like a certain ad...togs togs togs undies. in this case beach beach lambton quay


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Depends on the time or place, but if I'm heading out for a big night it'll be a shirt. Any other casual nights I'd probably rock a tee.



is there an age limit on t shirts? i think anyone can wear what the want and if a shirt is required for the occasion have them as an option too.



Totally cool to be wearing t-shirts into the 30s-40s-50s i say, the more retro type the better they look on us older guys (I'm approaching my 40s), just think before you go out for the occasision "can i get away with a tee?", if no then where a shirt, nice and simple.



Tee's indoors, collars best out in that blazing sun!



T-shirts always around the house and for casual day to day wear, but shirts when you wanna pull the ladies or just look smart.



When it starts to smell, maybe?



A tee shirt is appropriate just about anywhere no matter what your age these days-one exception would be a funeral. It's a mark of respect to wear a shirt-a tie is not necessary though.



Depends on where you are going. I nice t-shirt can look better than a plain shirt. Shirts for dinner out or event.

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