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Single malt bar or tastings.

I used to live in Bradford on Avon, just east of Bristol in the UK. There was a pub there, down by the canal that had 120 different single malts. I (vaguely) remember some wonderful evenings there, getting blotto on the amazing selection.
Of course, it's a little far to go to rekindle the love - does anyone know of a bar here in Auckland that specialises in single malts? Or even does tastings? A single malt club perhaps?


Steff S

I attend tastings with a few close chums. One of them is somewhat of an aficionado in this area and as a result has quite the collection. Our tastings occur in the comfort of a private residence; our members our few but our spirits are high. My personal favourite is highland park 18yo. has a lovely nose to it



I used to have quite a collection, about 12 different types. Then my mate Unsteady Nathan (so named because he's 6'4" and gets drunk from the middle) came over for a particularly messy weekend. Now admittedly the bottles were mostly a round a quarter full, but by the end of the weekend we'd polished the lot off.



Ok, I've lucked out on single malt bars... might just have to get round to opening one of those.

However, in the meantime, I've stumbled across a sake bar on Queen St in Auckland. Next door to the Comedy Club, Tanuki's Cave (I think it's called that, I couldn't see properly by the time I left...). It's down a flight of stairs in the basement, is dark and full of character. I seem to remember great food, but it was the many, many different types of Sake on offer that got my attention.
Highly recommended. Go there. Get hammered. Crawl out again.



Do not invite friends around, get drunk and run out of beer and start drinking your good quality Whiskey. Been there and done that and you only cry about it for weeks after wards.


My collection never recovered...



Nothing to say on this thread- just thought I might have a full house for a moment......OK...I admit this one is probably spam.


See? Need that "Like" button again!


Likewise l like the sound of a few drinks, but have no real comments to make (could be clased as spam also)



You like the sound of a few drinks Clyde ??? Personally I prefer the taste and the after-effects.



I think you're not listening closely enough my good man. Perhaps it's just that you haven't consumed enough. If you listen carefully you can hear them whispering in your ear:
"Pssst... fall through that hedge..."
"Pssst... tell that girl she has magnificent breasts"
"Pssssssst! You ARE the best singer in the world. PROVE IT!"

It can be quite beguiling.


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