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New wardrobe on a budget.

Right, here's the conundrum:
I'm the type of guy that goes clothes shopping twice a year. I hate it. With a passion. I'll hold shirts up and if they vaguely look the right size I'll but them without even trying them on just to get the chore over and done with quicker.
However, I've got a new job, a new woman, and I need to revamp my wardrobe. I've got about 2k to spend. What the hell do I do? Any recommendations on stores, or even areas? I'm not hung up on labels, happy to buy jeans at Just Jeans.... How the hell do I tackle this stressful project without resorting to doing it drunk to make it fun?


If you have a new woman couldn't she help you? I agree with what others are saying, stick to classic, avoid too many big logos/pictures/designs because people will recognise them. Pick a style, say t-shirt and jeans, and get several similar items so they can mix and match. And personally, I think v-neck tops are hot :)


Oh, and don't make the same mistake I make... don't find a pair of jeans you really like and then buy three pairs exactly the same. No one will believe you have more than one pair and they'll just think you never wash your pants :)


so is it bad that i never wash my jeans? :O just put them on the line in the sun for a day

tho i do have about 12 pairs so none ever really get worn to death haha


Thanks Jabes, I think I just threw up a little...


I can't think of anything worse than going shopping with my girlfriend. She'd have me try EVERYTHING on, we'd be there for days! No, it would have to be a solo mission or perhaps with a male friend that understood my hatred of the shopping experience...


haha none of them smell, if they did i would wash them but no point when you wear them for a day every couple of weeks.

or some of the nicer ones ill wear for an evening every second or 3rd week



I love clothes shopping. I spend a good third of my weekly paycheck on clothes. It's a terrible habbit and at the end of the day who am I trying to impress.
I hate wearing the same clothing too many times.
I hate going out twice with the same shirt.
I love the feeling of new clothes and keeping it fresh.

Some things I've discovered over the years.

You can create multiple looks out of only a few pieces providing they are classic, well fitted pieces.

Logos and big bold pictures will stand out and are easily remembered. Keep it simple.

A Pair of jeans can go with multiple shirts and be a new look each time.


Have you considered the fact that you may be a woman? Ok, just kidding. I wish I were more like you. I really wish I had a decent wardrobe so that I didn't wear out my clothes so quickly. That's why I'm making the concerted effort to go and buy a shit load all at once. Thanks for the advice!



Everybody needs a pair (or three) of perfect jeans.


Excellent, which is why, at the weekend I went and bought myself a really cool Duffle coat with those giant pointy buttons that resemble rams horns. Now, at parties I can hold down a book, and stab it, Harry Potter stylee, invoking various unintelligible incantations.
Um, I'll let you know how I get on with the jeans....



im not much of a shop but half the shop i manage is fashion so picked up a bit in last few years.

a couple of good pairs of jeans are good specially with different fits and colours i would say if you got 3 pairs

a black - tight fit (not leg arse or ball hugging but tight is better with the black ones)

indigo is a good colour and there are some good grey tinged jeans that are bit more fashionable out there at the moment.
Both of those colours look better than the traditional denim blue, and are alot dressier so you can wear them out without looking like a 40yo computer programmer. Also don't go real light coloured jeans as they are almost impossible to dress up and go with less colours.

Also fit wise alot of guys stress about straight cut or slim jeans, Yes they are a little tighter than a lot of people feel comfy in at first but they just look better on than the traditional loose fit, which means you can wear them more places.

personally i hate shirts so never wear them if i can help it but are alot of cool dressier t shirts out there side stripes are good, loose scooped neck lines are good.

The logo thing as the other guy said draws attention but would depend on what kind of person you are i dont like big flashy logos or prints on me so tend to go for more understated stuff.

Main thing is if you feel comfy in it you will pull it off, If you feel awkward with a certain style then dont buy it. If you like big prints then get big prints if you dont then dont get them.

Also try stuff on if it fits well it just makes you look better you can hide and highlight good features with the right clothing or you can highlight issues (the guy with the too tight tee and the belly roll poking out the bottom springs to mind)



My (newish) rule for buying clothes is if it doesn't make me feel (at least somewhat) sexy I don't buy it. Does that work for guys too? I guess it depends on the guy.


haha i dont think i have ever bought anything cause it made me feel sexy
hmmm maybe im missing out here! if it fits and doesnt make me look like a tool ill usually get it if i need/want it



My green shorts make me feel sexy. That's about it though.


Well, that's the main thing.


Steff S

Shop during sales, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars on items. If you want to make your money go further, buy clothes that can work together in different combinations. You don't need a large wardrobe, just a few items of high quality. The discerning observer will pick up on this. Subtlety and minimalism is the new way to dress



Well, I have my duffle coat, 2 pairs of jeans, one pair of trousers for work, 3 wonderful new shirts with French cuffs, a new set of cufflinks with working compasses, so I'm getting there slowly...



Seriously, best thing to do is try shit on. Just chuck it on, yay or nay, move on. If you are in Auckland, go to Onehunga Dressmart. Good selection of shops, cheap as chips. I wear 511 Levis, which are quite a nice style as they aren't to tight, but aren't baggy either. You can buy them at most retailers, but the Levi outlet store has them on the cheap. I tend to just have a few overshirts, some t-shirts etc Just a combination of clothing that allows me to change what I wear.


I couldn't think of anything more hideous than a trip to Dressmart. Except perhaps on a Monday morning... I do my shopping guerrila stylee, run in grab everything, run out. Try it on at home, and if it doesn't work then take it back. I do this once a year.


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