Discussing :: Is NZ big enough to have it's own reality TV show?


Is NZ big enough to have it's own reality TV show?

New Zealand is set to gets its very own version of hit US TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashiansst, with socialite Sally Ridge and her daughter Jamie set to star.

There are unconfirmed rumours that the show could be called "Two & a Half Brain Cells" or "Honey, I Slept With Your Boyfriend"....LMFAO! Sally don't fight it we all know you had the hots for SBW.

So will the show be a hit or miss?



NZ is too small for car crash TV like that Kardashian-style rubbish. Sally would twist my arm first though.

LOL on the TV shows names! very funny! How about "Whore's from the Shore"? but my guess they don't live out on the shore.



Looks like TV3 (Mediaworks) are ducking for cover on "Rollin with the Ridges". My girlfriend would want to watch this show so I'd probably have a nose. Sally's a cougar and Jaime's hot so I'd be keen for a perv.



hell No, This is stupidity, it should never have even been considered.. Whats the premise of it all, Sally is going to be doing her arts and crafts then gets a tweet from Jamie... Oh No.. Its a dilemma

Sally now has to fight her way through the rush hour traffic and all the suv's along the school route so she can pick up her daughter from a photo shoot...

Then Mindless banter as they go home...




Please stop this before they spend any money on it. Come on, she loves to be in the limelight. How interesting would it be to watch someone sticking buttons on a lamp shade!



I have have obtained the diary of Sally Ridge which will be the screenplay for the first episode of her must watch car wreck reality show "Rollin with the Ridges"...

Monday 2/4
9.00am Wake up and still can't smell the coffee. Text "Good Morning BFF Jaime, I love you." to BFF Jaime who is in the bedroom next door.
9.15am Have a Trim latte and half a carrot for breakfast. Still no reply from my BFF Jaime. I wonder if I've upset her? Resend text. nervous wait.....
9.25am ...Finally a reply from BFF. Phew I thought I might have to get a life and a real friend. So happy now and she still loves me too.
9.30am Put make-up on and get ready to seize the day.
11.30am Finish make up. BFF Jaime is up now. Give her a cuddle and kiss. Get her a carrot stick ready for her breakfast.
11.45am Look at newspaper and see a picture of SBW, stare long and hard. God he's hot! Secretly wish that publicity stunt was with me rather than BFF Jaime. mmmmmm love my sports stars.
12.15pm Tell BFF Jaime I love her again and that we need to put our great minds together and work out how we can get some publicity.
(Staring blankly and silence)
12.50pm Wham! OMG! I have a great idea. Release rumours that I've sign for the Roosters next season and I'm going to give up the All Blacks to box in South Africa! Jump excitedly with BFF Jaime to celebrate my great idea :)
13.15pm Suddenly stop celebrating as BFF Jaime and I both realise that I can't box :(. We cuddle, cry and console ourselves.
13.30pm Stop crying when BFF Jaime says she has a great idea. Create a sex tape and it get mysteriously released on the internet. It worked for Britney, Pamela and Paris. Oh! BFF Jaime wasn't talking about me and her in the sex tape. I quickly suggest me and SBW then. No, she means her and someone world famous in NZ.
13.35pm We put our great minds together and try work out that lucky someone.
(Staring blankly and silence)
13.51pm I suggest me and SBW again. Suddenly Jaime sees Lotto winner and Countdown check out operator Trevor for Te Kauwhata on the TV. He's everything we look for in a man. He's all over the media, he's rich, so much hotter than SBW, he's single, he's all over the media, he's rich, he's a small town boy who can easily been exploited and oh, he's in the media and hes rich.
13.52pm BFF Jaime and I, go get dressed up to go to Huntly to see Trevor at Countdown.
15.30pm BFF Jaime and I, hop in the car and head off to Huntly.
15.45pm BFF Jaime and I, suddenly realise we don't know where Huntly is. Turn on GPS. BFF Jaime and I, LOL.
16.45pm Arrive at Supermarket in Huntly and ask if we can see Trevor. Told by staff member "this is Pak N Save, you stupid Gold-diggers". BFF Jaime and I, LOL and we do feel stupid because if we known there was gold in Huntly years ago, we would have came down years ago.
16.50pm Get to Countdown. Told Trevor is not working today. sigh :(. Even worse news as we got told the TV camera crews have just left. Won't be on TV tonight. sigh :( :( God, why have you forsaken me?Hop in car and drive home.
18.00pm Arrive back in Auckland. So tired from the long and hard day working day. BFF Jaime and I have a salad for tea.
18.40pm Turn on TV. SBW is on the news again. God he's hot!
19.00pm Sit down and watch my absolute favourite show Shortland St with BFF Jaime.
19.30pm Tell BFF Jaime as I've got another big day tomorrow I need some sleep.
19.32pm Give BFF Jaime a hug and kiss good night. Tell her I love her. Grab picture of SBW and head to bed


Quality post Gazza! Love the Wake up and still can't smell the coffee. Too true about Sally.
The rest really summs up the Ridges and if only thier life would be that funny.




LMFAO! I'd watch the show if it was this good especially after 19.32pm.

I'd perfer Sally! Older women know what to do but that's a different blog altogether!



l saw the movie "The Truman Show", why not have "The Ridges" lol.
Really surely there is something better to do than sit around the TV watching someone else live their life.
People hate these shows, but they can't tear themselves away. Surely there is still a minority out there like me who thinks they are total crap. Why do you think l have a pool table - the great escape.



No Way, reality shows are sooooo over rated.



Enough already...like somebody else has said 'it would be more fun sticking pins in my eyes' of course there's always the option of changing the channel. the only way for this to work would be to have a late night show with random nudity thrown in to keep the punters happy....haha



....don't you have to be wealthy to have such a show focusing on socialites?....didn't her and her ex hubbys businesses just fail....isn't Sally Ridge an interior design?......she is know for mingling with NZ's wealthy business people etc....but doubt she has the same amount of zeros that they do.....talk about grasping at straws....the should call the show the "chick that could and the cougar that can't" lol just saying....and have to agree with Gazza did you see the pics of her and her daughter Jamie at SBW's fight the ways she was staring at him....lol....she was beaming from ear to ear.....

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