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Clothes for Men....

What's the sexiest item of clothing you own? Guys clothes are so often boring as hell but there are some finds if you look hard enough. Mine would have to be my electric metallic green shorts from Marvel on Ponsonby Road, haha, Thanks guys!


Pic's please or it didn't happen :D



You know when they play that Cicada or cricket sound in a comedy show or movie, to denote the embarrassing silence? I'm kinda hearing that now...



All guys should wear waistcoats!!!

Totally hot.



I have 2 waistcoats. How YOU doin?



I think you should take a photo of yourself in your electric metallic green shorts and let us be the judge of how sexy they are.



You see, this is where you fall over in your quest to be an honorary man. No bloke would EVER post that!


It's not so much a 'quest' as a title. And here's where you fall over as an 'honorary woman'... No woman would ever think I was being serious in my request for a photo in electric metallic green shorts...



Ah, well I'm the first to accept that I make a crap honorary woman. And of course you were joking...


And of course, having seen Tims post above, I'll have to retract that statement!


Steff S

Probably my new boots. You would never think of boots as being sexy, but their bespoke look denotes a man in control, which in turn flicks all the right switches in a women's mind. They work a trick especially around shy women, who tend to look at the ground and around the footwear area.


Haha, I like it! Sexy AND functional.


And the policeman in boots who just turned up at my door tonight was kinda hot. I really think it was mostly due to the boots. You might be on to something.


Peter T

I love my Timberlands. They are great for formal or casual wear.



I think my best bit of clothing is my formal flannel. I call it that because I can pull it out in a very good situation, as it is quite neat, but I can roll the sleeves up when there is no more need for formal, and can have a few drinks in comfort. Everyone needs some formal flannel!



As a brit, a flannel is a small square of material that one uses to wash ones face. This couldn't possibly be what you mean...


No, but it does conjure an interesting image. Much like the pillowcase 'shirt' my 4 year old daughter insisted on wearing last week.

As a kiwi a flannel is also a facecloth (as in England). Where you from SlideXII?


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