Discussing :: Clean shave, beard or perma stubble?


Clean shave, beard or perma stubble?

Not sure what the ladies prefer but the only time I clean shave is when I rock some form of ironic mo for a party? Last gf prefered stubble, but not too short & scratchy... gave her a rash...



definitely the perma stubble- clean shave once a week.



Clean Shave is the (forced) preferance of choice for me (or should I say my Partner). I like to rock some facial hair when I can, but I also enjoy sex with my partner too, and facial hair presents a barrier to that...

so clean shaven for me



From a Ladies perspective definitely clean shaven, nice and smooth to the touch, and women definitely don't like rashes thanks Chris lol



Haha.. we guys are lazy & prefer less grooming :)



My girlfriend hates it when I'm not clean shaven but I hate shaving. I haven't found anything that doesn't irritate the hell out of my face. I'm supposed to keep it shaved for work but I push it by only shaving every second day. It grows back so fast anyway it's almost pointless.
If I could I'd just leave it to grow, but even then it gets annoying once it hits a certain length.



Go the stubble. Gives that rugged look.



Rugged look, ya just get sick of shaving everyday..., lucky it's sunday and its daddy's day!



Clean shaven all the way... not a fan of growing facial hair.



Clean shave even though it's the high maintenance option.

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