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Cool or Not Cool?
Nice simple one... I'm trying to decide whether my sudden interest in audiobooks is something I should be concerned about. What do you think?



Why? I WISH I could listen to books on CD. I just don't have the concentration. I go off on tangents in my mind. Thinking about a particular phrase, or wondering about backstory, or something entirely different, and I have to keep going back to the start. I do this with people too. Think about something they said and how it could be woven into a movie, or I'll be thinking about whether I could cast them in something, or I'll be totally bored and be smiling and nodding but actually thinking about the beach. I guess I used to be read to, and follow stories. Somewhere along the way I lost that skill.



Well, I've just got my first audiobook - Sun Tzu, The Art of War. An epic if ever there was one, and so colossally boring to read that I've never managed to get past the first chapter. So why do I want to read it? Because it has some fascinating lessons for business owners, some insight into deal making, negotiation etc. Apparently...
Over the weekend I visited friends whose kids were playing their ipods, ignoring adult conversation as is normally the case. Except these kids were listening to audio books, something the parents seemed to be very proud of. It got me thinking whether this was the start of a fundamental shift in the way books were consumed.


Steff S

Reading and listening are two different stories. In my opinion, your imagination is stimulated more through reading. Your mind has to interpret the voices of the characters in the book and create it's own details. Audiobooks can be a bit tedious, especially if you have some husky american voice belting out the chapters to you.Reading can be a chore at first, but i have just finished crime and punishment by Dostoevsky and i can't imagine that being read to me through an audio book.


Agreed 100%. I love reading. But have you read The art of war?



I have only ever listened to one audio book... "Snow, Glass, Apples" by Neil Gaiman ..more of an audio play I guess? It's a brilliant story. I read a novel a week on average, but I have heard from sale reps that audio books are great for the road, especially on long haul drives. Maybe a few truckies would find them useful too?

PS..not read the art of war..



Cannot manage to sit still and 'listen' to a book being read to me no matter how hard i try, i would much rather have the hard copy in my hands and read it to myself in my own inner voice.



I'd much rather read them myself, but the only time I seem to have at the moment is when I'm in the car.



I find it hard to absorb the content of the audiobook if I am doing something at the same time.



Hmm, no closer to figuring out if they're cool or not. Maybe I should check out the sales stats on iTunes for more info...



I don't think that fiction audio books would suit me as I, like another poster has already said, like to use my imagination and I can easily skip back if I missed a detail or did't understand something. I imagine that this would be hard to do with an audio book. However, I believe that they would be good for philosophical talks etc like TED and RSA because reading about these things can be dead boring and the emotion put into the voice often helps explain the concepts.

Cool? I don't think so, but I go by the notion that it's cool to be uncool.


The Huey Lewis philosophy.... it's hip to be square. Ok, that'll do me.

VERY cool animation by the way, thank you for that.


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