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Myth or true? BBQ's are healthy for you?

We have a lot of BBQ's over summer but I wonder if I'm kidding myself thinking that we are eating healthily. Those hash browns, red meat and sausages-scrumptious along with a green salad. Is it all about portions and carbs and protein or is it about how not burnt your food is (less cancerous so i've read). I love BBQs but now I worry too much about all the health stuff surrounding BBQs. Can a BBQ be healthy?



I hear burnt cindered food isn't great for your health so I guess the main point is watch not to burn your food. There is plenty of healthy food like sweetcorn and bananas that really lend themselves to the BBQ flavor.



I don't think burnt foor is good for the health.
It depends on what you have on the BBQ



Can anyone tell me if it's just burning the food that should be avoided, or is the smoke also bad for you when it Coates your food? I wonder, as well, about the compressed charcoal bricketts because they give off a dodgy smell when they burn (ammonia kind of smell)!!



Cooking outdoors with good company and good food is a sure fire endorphin rush. Lay off the fat and sweet marinades and you can't get a better way to have a meal



i think the burning may not help , but any reduction of fat content can only be good !



Yes, I think a BBQ can be healthy for you - the fat drips off the meat. The biggest problem with BBQ's is undercooked meat (especially chicken, which needs to be cooked thoroughly) and the care of the uneaten food afterwards. I think that is a greater risk to your health.



Grilling is definitely a healthy way to cook, just cook the food well and don't over char it. Remember black stuff equals carbon equals toxic



just read an article recently that they aren't - but seriously! if we listened to and did everything we read we would be pretty darn boring creatures would we not! enjoy life - everything in moderation huh!



Depends if you are wrapping bananas and chocolate in tin foil and barbequing them because i'm pretty sure that's REALLY healthy ;)

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