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Iced coffee

Iced coffee season who on here knows of a some good recipes to make this wonderful drink. Ok all recipes accept even those with alcohol in them. I'm going to test them out and judge the best one. Or we can all test them and vote the best

heres the home made one i had yesterday. made for 2. was ok but could be improved on.
a good scoop of vanilla ice cream
cream 100mls
milk 300mls
coffee 3heaped tps
mix up in wiz or blender
pour into glasses
chocolate on top.



might have to be 2 categories alcohol and non alcohol



yep i got a real good one
1.add coffee
2.add ice
3. ??????
cant go wrong



Double shot of coffee;
Double shot of Baileys,
250ml Trim Milk

Pour into a shoe and serve...



haha i had to read "pour into a shoe twice" before it hit me......why havent i done this yet.


you never drunk baileys from a shoe boy?



I don't get the shoe thing either.

We do ours:
Scoop icecream
Double shot espresso
icing sugar
some ice

wizz it up



no im not saying i dont get the shoe . i totaly get the shoe thing its a metaphor i believe it represents drinking the coffee and you get the soul of the drink , or to be blunt the "SOLE" of the shoe represent soul of the drink ahhh you know its a bad joke when you gota explain it lol



i think it might be more in reference to this



Great explanations you two.
I've never heard that expression before.



no im pretty sure its mine as i posted old gregg a while back

good old might boosh excellent series

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