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I can not

I do not know



I can not do everything, be everywhere at the same time, and no matter what you might have heard, I am only human. So please give me some space and put a little faith in me and who knows one day it might just work. It did for my mother and father.



I can not…… right now…. but I will be able to do some time in the future.



I can not... but whenever I wonder to the point of saying that, I know it needs more consideration.



I can not; well how can anyone say those three small words without even thinking to whatever the question is
can I, I may as well try,I have tried before but never say I can not without trying.


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I can not say No when certain people ask me to do something - even if I really want to say No.



I can not please everyone....true fact



I can not think of anything to say on this post



I can knot



I can not resist the temptation of Burger King after a night out.


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