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exercise for bowels

Can anyone suggest a good exercise to stimulate bowel movement? Running would be good but what about some form of indoor activity?



Squats ha ha.



i think eating food with a lot of fibre would be more helpful rather than exercise. Lots of Fruit and Bran would be a start.



Maybe try lifting something too heavy usually makes your ring stick out. Otherwise try prunes or dried apricots. Amazing fact: A man could go a life time without a piece of ass, but he can die in a week without a bowel movement. Shit good luck!



massage the tummy in a clockwise direction :)



There are foods that people eat to stimulate or exercise their bowels. The ones I'm familiar with are dried fruits like prunes and apricots.

As far as exercise goes the first thing I thought of was yoga. I did some research online and found the following: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=465806 (it has 3 exercises to help get your bowels functioning more efficiently).



recently bought a herbal tea called alpine tea ( Red Seal ). Didny check to see what herbs or what it does till I got home. " pure herbs to help with bowel regularity and fluid retention " shit thats all I need oops excuse pun, oh well made a cup very refreshing had another. Next day had a good clean out . umm was that the tea or somthing I ate. Didnt touch for a couple days then made another cup of apline tea. yep had another clean out.

Excercise for bowel drinl Alpine tea and let nature takes is course.

oh the herbs where Yarrow flower, marshmallow leaf, ginger root.



you cannot strengthen your bowels! but have a colonic irrigation, and then try a diet change with less sugar and more fibre!



Ive just noticed the more exercise, no matter what kind of exercise, it makes me need to pass a bowl motion.



Some yoga exercises are great. ie forward bend and hole it for around 10 to 20 deep slow breaths. the action of the diaphram in this position massages the bowels,

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