Discussing :: who's your fav nz music artist/band/group



By far Blindspott/Blacklistt, Ive seen them live countless times, driven the midnight missionfrom Chch to Riwaka to back-to-back concerts, their live show is just so energetic, they have survived over 15 years, and a name and line up change and still sell out most shows, and they are so prevalent in online media, I even managed to drag one of them to a boxing bootcamp at 6am the morning after a show, legends!

I am loving Villainy too, they were my first ever itunes purchase after seeing them at Blacklistt recently, they are destined for big things!

The Feelers and Exponents are also time tested and always a great night out, I tend to lean towards the rock genre but would love to see six60, Ive heard they are phenomenal live.



Che Fu for sure. Dudes been around for awhile & still makes quality music.



Artist would be Lorde, bands would be The Checks and Blindspott.



Such great, diverse and awesome entries....good oldies with Crowded House, Dave Dobbyn, the Exponents, and also mr mod Ray Columbus, to some not so oldies but still old skool with che fu, shihad, Blindspot, Sal Dub, right up to some of the newer with Lorde, Kimbra and Six60. Really anything Kiwi music floats my boat. I try to buy at least one album through NZ music month, just to help our artists out, as they are losing heaps through the internet, plus its good music...so why not!!



Dave Dobbyn has to be my ultimate fave out of them all. He is an awesome singer/ songwriter.


He wears dreadful knitted sweaters though!



It would have to be Six60 they are awesome!!


I really want to see them now, I might have to look em up and see if they are touring any time soon, I havnt heard much from them lately?



Split Enz forever



My favourite NZ Band is Midnight Youth, but I'm not sure if they are still together.


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Many years ago I danced to ray Colombus and the Invaders at dances, there were some GREAT bands around then, Max Merrit and the Meotors, Herma Kyle to name a few GREAT STUFF



Pink! She rocks!


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