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Online videos worth watching

This can be a place where interesting videos are shared
I'll kick things off with a oldie but a goodie
The evolution of dance




Some cool foreign youtube video on coffee drinking :)


That's nuts but i can strangely relate to it...coffee hmmm arghhh



I can't decide on this one.....if these guys are my new heroes or are complete and utter douches!?!


Sorry, link didn't work.... Here ya go.



Epic meal time is awesome
This is a martin Luther king speech auto-tuned. It's actually surprisingly good


Dave Falealili

pretty solid workout...


Jeeez..... That is insane!


Steff S

For literally hours of entertainment, check out http://www.reddit.com/
Don't say i didn't warn you



Great thanks! I'm going to check them out.



That bodybuilder is mental

EDIT: I have tried to get this to embed but it doesn't seem to want to, It is a video of drunken tacos. quite funny.



I know we were talking about Angry Birds in one of these threads, but I can't find it, and the new search function can't either... But this would be so fun! I love Barcelona!!


I was mugged in Las Ramblas, but still have a soft spot for Barcelona...



I really enjoy this dudes creations.

This is clever mixing of both video and audio streams......

DJ Earworm has done this several times of different years top 20 selling music artists.


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