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best movie this year?

What are peoples favourite's? Mine would be a tie between Xmen and 22 Jump Street!


Kiwi Gas

Boyhood, a movie filmed with the same cast over a 12 year period, is a must-see.



The Raid 2. Enough said.



I quite liked the sequel for Sin City.



The Hobbit, battle of the five armies, was easily the best.



I would say The Hobbit - I haven't seen it yet but the whole trilogy is brilliant as was LOTR. How to Train Your Dragon was also well made.



The Dark Horse was a great NZ Movie. I've yet to see The Hobbit but I will be by the end of the year and I'm expecting great things!



I thought Interstellar was amazing - might even catch it at the cinema again! It looks fantastic, has a great storyline and really makes you think



I took my niece to see the Lego movie and enjoyed it more than she did! It's clever and witty and lots of fun (yes, I'm an overgrown child but it's great to have movies adults and kids can watch together)!


Kiwi Gas

Now we are nearly at year's end, I would pick Pride as my best movie of 2014.


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