Discussing :: The Pakeha Party - Giving the big finger to Hone Harawira or the middle class face of racism


The Pakeha Party - Giving the big finger to Hone Harawira or the middle class face of racism

So I read this today on MSN.com...


And I'm not sure what to make of it.

On the one hand I feel like Maori (indeed any ethnic group) have the right to represent themselves politically and to focus their efforts on issues that impact on them culturally.

On the other hand i really, really dislike Hone Harawira - he comes across as a bigot, a shit stirrer, a racist and a hypocrite... and he has a potty mouth (but then again so does Phil Goff).

So is the formation of a Pakeha party a means of playing Hone at his own game or is it a little more sinister than that?

I must agree with David Ruck's sentiments over the Mana party's proposed policy of offering Maori rights to purchase former state house. I think there just as many pakeha/New Zealanders who are impoverished and could use the same helping hand, not to say anything of Pacific Island ethnic groups.

However is tit for tat politics the way to effectively wrangle your way into government. I don't really know.

For my part i hope that the pakeha party will campaign on issues that forward the interests of all cultures within New Zealand, regardless of skin colour and ethnicity.

I would love to hear your takes on this :)



I'm sorry but it's SO incredibly wrong! so what because we are "white" we don't qualify? we both work our asses off and still can't afford a house - but because we are not maori we are not entitled? How is that fair? I'm seriously over this Maori bullsh*t!


my partner is Maori and we both work our asses off and still can't afford a house he is Maori I am not and we don't believe we are entitled to anything unless we both work hard for it, all of his family are hard workers and good people so not all Maori believe what Hone and the rest of his crew think, so please don't categorise everything that a group of Maori do as being what all Maori believe in or do because then that would be total bullsh*t!


I agree with DeeDee. Its a case that you hear the few that whine the loudest, and you don't see the majority of people who are just working hard and paying their dues. Both parties are wrong, but the pakeha party has sprung up as a direct offensive on the maori party. And while it will fail, it might do some good to raise discussion on just who we are as a nation. I believe its time we left what happened in the past in the past. The petty arguements we have now distract us from uniting under one identity.



Wouldn't it be nice to have some good politicians worthy of peoples votes with good intentions for New Zealand rather than serving their own corrupt agendas.


Gibbo at Adult-dvd.co.nz

Didn't you guys know that your not aloud to say anything back to Hone Harawira or anything about the Maori Party or the useless side of Maori-dom that give the rest a bad name or your Racist straight up, so starting a European New Zealander party would be just plain Racist (hate the Pakeha bullshit description I'm not one, got used as a slur while growing up earlier in Hornby in the late 70's) I think its time to disband maori teams and such as its a one sided thing that doesn't promote harmony or fairness at all. Bout time we were all New Zealanders and not New Zealanders with a Maori minority that constantly winge about lands and money that they'll never see any money from because of mismangement and coruption.



Hornby represent! I saw the name of this thread and thought do I dare read it? But yay, someone has said a few things I was thinking! We don't see Chinese, Japanese, Indian, South African citizens or any minority country (by birth or residency) all up in arms wanting a party of their own descent, I just dont get why New Zealand cant just be New Zealand, not just kiwis and Maoris (I also hate the word pakeha just how it sounds!) It was centuries ago that they believed these wrongs occurred, 3 words "Get over it"! While I was at Uni for example, I only qualified for one scholarship, had I been 1 millionth of a drop of Maori there were over 20 available, slightly one sided! I was seriously over last weeks Maori language week too, why dont we have Filipino Language Week? Or any other language since NZ is one of the worlds true melting pots of ethnicities? I dont believe the party will be successful however as I reckon too many will see it as racist (Like the Mana Party aint pfft) But I believe every NZ'er has the right to the same set of rules, guidelines, regulations and benefits.



Good stuff its about time.



I saw Hone at the airport on Monday. If I had known about the Pakeha Party earlier, I would have taken him up on it.



Has this been changed to the peoples party now?



I don't really care about parties calling each group whatever they want to call each other, for me its not the name its the policies and people who represent the group to come to a decision based on the name of the group is stupid and ignorant, there is a Maori party and now there is a Pakeha party so what are there names so blatantly wrong to stir up such division, isn't it that old judging the book by its covers. I have never supported Hone or the Maori party, but my partner and his family are good hard working people and good NZ citizens and its sad that because of them being Maori they all get categorised in the same slot as Hone or every bad Maori in NZ. There are bad elements in all races no one is perfect but Maori seem to be the punching bags time and time again I may not be Maori but the ones I do know are very wonderful, hard working, law abiding people who live try to live normal lives, and am sure would rather have people judge them on their own character than based on a group of other people of the same race. I don't think a Pakeha party is bad at all if anything it will get Hone all worked up which is a good thing, giving him the finger and all, but playing up the Maori Party against he Pakeha Party is just stirring the pot to showcase the bad parts of our nation when in my opinion there are way better parts we could be sharing as a nation


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