Discussing :: Reasons why Facebook is bad



facebook can cause bitchy dramas too!



Use it for what it's there for and it's great. Ask for more and then you pay the penalty.



Facebook is what you make of it... I don't know why some won't even try it out.



facebook is awesome........because of pet rescue.



These are freakin hilarious to read!



Sometimes Facebook can be the worse place to find scammers...and crooks, but there is always a brighter side to Facebook for me and that is doing competitions online, meeting my friends/family & keeping in touch



I think one of the worst things about facebook is how isolating it can be. Most people only put up the good things in their life. If someone is having a bad day, go onto facebook and see all these happy statuses, they feel even more crap and like they have nobody to relate to.

I work with children who thing their peers have much better lives than them. Yet their peers say the same thing. It is such a skewed look at people's lives, which is having some very negative impacts on people's expectations of life.



Facebook is a time burglar!



it is only what you choose it to be. fantastic way to keep up with family and friends - especially love getting photos



I think its great but people need to realise its not real life!!!! I can't understand why people don't but the privacy settings on tho!!!! Time for facebook stalk haha.

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