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Facebook can be a really useful tool to socialize and even get work done. The only problem is the ignorance of a large number of users when it comes to who can access the material they upload. Most people don't bother changing privacy settings and get caught in situations they should not have been in (or be caught in!). Some simply don't care about who can see their content and suffer the consequences when they're in a compromising situation. Just my two cents.



Facebook has been shown to be bad for people's feeling of self worth. This is because most people only put positive experiences on facebook, which can skew a person's perception of other people's lives in comparison to their own. If it appears that everyone is having a fantastic life, and you are going through rough times, you have fewer people you are likely to reach out to. When really, everyone else has had an average day as well, but they have only reported the best part of their day to the public sphere that is the book of faces.



Seriously, I don't want to see pictures of what you made for dinner last night.
These hve got to be the most annoying facebook posts ever


I agree. People don't think of their audience. Just because you have a plate of food that excited you doesn't mean ANYONE else on the planet could give a crap. NO MORE FOOD PORN!



I hate the bullying that goes on.



That you can tell everyone you upgrade to IOS7



People put the stupidest things on facebook and it takes up way to much time when there are so many better and healthier things to do.


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I don't want to know what my grown nieces and nephews are up to!!!



just another brick in the wall



When facebook asks 'how are you feeling' and your friends take that literally and yourve got a daily dialogue of there ups and downs.



It can be a huge timewaster! However, it can be great for keeping in touch with friends.

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