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I try to limit my time on facebook - it is easy to get sucked in. I am always wary of bullies.


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facebook is insipid. people become obsessed with it. i do not use it or would like to



Can't understand it. What has happened to privacy????



facebook can be handy to keep in touch especially when people are oversees but it's a time waster.



Facebook is a tool. It's a tool where you can utilise or be utilised - simple theory but so many fail to get it. If you post anything, anyone can find it, given time and connections. Simpler still, don't post things you don't want abused by others.



Facebook is a time burglar.



My point of view is there are both pros & con for using FB. It depends upon how you use them ethically



I don't use it NEARLY as much as I used to. It's become a tool to send messages to close friends, loosely keep in touch with friends in my wider circle, and promote my upcoming feature film, and that's about it.

One of my FAVORITE features is being about to block people's posts from appearing on my wall to 'only important'

Least favorite, all the freaking advertising that has snuck into the platform.



People need to remember FB isn't real life!!! Keep your friends to people you only talk to in real life!! The comps on FB are great, so easy to enter!!



FB is bad if you don't know how to properly customise your privacy settings! Easy for people to look at all your photos etc..

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