Discussing :: Reasons why Facebook is bad



I'm such a paranoid technophobe so I am not a member of facebook; all that sharing stuff can get in the wrong hands and then you're toast!



It's good for keeping in touch and up to date with friends in other countries.
But people rely on it too much these days and it's slowly destroying peoples connection with society. Facebook uses algorithms that detect what you like, who you talk to and what subjects you are interested in. Then it uses this information to make sure the majority of what you see on facebook is things that you agree with or like.
Now you have a comfortable little 'bubble' in which you can share photos and chat to your 'friends'
How many of these friends do you actually know in person and have seen outside of facebook in the last year?
And how many of them have you 'caught up with' on facebook but not spoken to in real life for months?
Text is never an appropriate way to convey emotion or build any sort of proper connection with people.



I really hate it when you recieve invite to play games (poker etc) when they know I'll never play them



I accidently stayed logged on to Facebook at half tiime during the rugby and my mates updated my status with rude stuff....It was funny (yes I was boozed) until my Mother rang up sayingWTF! awkward but still funny!


Erin Cooper

I dont really post much personal stuff on FB lol I post pages and look at the town trading groups... I recently have been tracking whereabouts of the burglaries in our area online through other peoples posts... although it shows how much time I spend on FB which is valuable and wasted



Too many of my friends parents aged about 55 have joined FB and found old childhood sweethearts and hooked up, leaving their wife's/husbands, clearly they are having a mid life crisis's and are living a dream in cyber world!!



I have seen alot of personal stuff posted on facebook, I'm not sure if everybody understands that everything can be seen, it can be passed onto other people it wasn't originally intended for. Seen alot of hurt through there.



I agree with previous posts....it is STALKER-BOOK! It is bad because it is a lot harder to keep personal and work lives separate. I also think it is a forum for bullying, and encourages good people to lie in an attempt to "keep up with the Jones'".



It takes the mystery out of life! I love catching up with friends and family on the phone or email or letter, now when you talk to someone , you ask how something went and the reply is 'oh i put it on Facebook'i want to be told and talk about it, to congratulate, sympathise or whatever, to hear the emotion in their voice,i don't want to have to check Facebook 20 times a day to see who went shopping, had dentist appt, or threw up etc whose cats had kittens etc, i dont like photos on tbere either, i know i sound a misery , im not, just sick of facebook. i just want a conversation with people, then there's the stalkers etc! Oh dear



So easy to get sucked in for hours! Must pull myself away!


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