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Where do you start?? How can anything like Facebook be good. I know lets put all of our private information in to the public domain and constantly update all the meanial things we do on a day to day basis, and then just for good measure, lets befriend a whole heap of complete strangers so they can read & see all of our personal information. Hello......is any body able to see what sort of disaster this can lead too??? Especially for young, impressionable people. My mates daughter, who is about 15, is constantly on facebook writing all sorts of drivel and putting herself out there in a domain of millions. It could lead to some really bad sh*t. Kids need to ba made aware of the dangers (nad some adults too). Best way is to take a wide berth.



Too easy to get stucked into the darn thing...must spend less time on FB...must!



Don't have it - but I probably spend just as much time on trademe and fishing websites.



I really hate friends (unfortunately they a real local friends) who Facebook "fish". You know annoying stuff like...."I had a bad day today" or "why do bad things always happen to me". And then people get sucked into replying with "why what happened?" "Are you alright?". GOD< GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!!!!! Stop facebook fishing!!!!!!!!!


Arrrrgh, this really grinds my gears...!



Invites to games I never bother playing.



The assumption that I care about what you are doing.



Facebook scams are so common and I just heard the 84-year-old widow who won the massive US $590.5million powerball jackpot has just lost all her money to a Nigerian Prince! hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

(just a joke about gullible old people!)



So...according to most of the posts here, Facebook is bad only because people are dumb....?



And there is the story of the luckless adulterer who took great pains not to be detected, was foiled when he, with his adulteress was caught in the background of a picture that was posted and discovered by friends and relayed to his wife. However in this case one could argue wether it was a good thing or not.


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It can be entertaining but a real time waster. People can be stalked and abused which is awful.


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