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Like most things got its good points got its bad hey look i started this with like get it like as on facebook lol



I really dont want to be on FB but I just cant seem to delete it it keeps coming back to haunt me so I log in and away we go again. It's just connected to so many things we do these days, but I also think its watching me....



too many under age ones have access to FB, and are not monited by their parents. They badmouth their friends use fowl langauage etc,. Its where bullying starts. Just my 2cw maybe i;m getting old.



I still can't believe how many people put pics of their kids up. I know people that will give a suspicious look towards people who look at their kids too long but then they go post pics on a public forum, don't get it



I generally like Facebook but I find it can be a time burglar.



I see they have passed a legislation in the states that you are required to give your employer your facebook passport! It is a social monopoly that intrudes and doesn't protect. Yet I am so addicted!



I think it definately keeps you accountable if your partner, parents or boss is on there to. Just don't be a shitty human being and you should be fine!



In everything there is alwasy the two sides of it.. the good and bad sides... like FB, it has its own share of badness... its addicting, but and only, it is one's discipline on oneself to control its usage and friends accumulation... futher than that, it can be a very useful thing for the present and the future.... Cheers!



I think facebook can be bad for negative comments towards a person or bullying. However its up to the victim to delete their facebook if this happens or report abuse. Some people can be cruel and comment on photos that they don't like and tease people about how they acted the night before. This is bullying and it needs to stop! I think its sensible to only accept friend requests if you actually know that person and they are your friends, avoid strangers and people you don't know.



Well....where do I start. Firstly, you lose all control of your info once plastered all over FB, it is then the property of FB! They keep the info and can pass onto whomever and whenever (police, FBI, CIA....the Government).
Stalkers.........ex-girlfriends/ex boyfriends and freaky work colleagues can stalk you, making life hell. Oh yeah......psycho parents can stalk you too!!! liking all your comments, trying to be-friend your friends, watching every moment..$#@$%$%%....living vicariously thru you!!!!FB is EVIL. All your posts, likes etc historically cataloged and never to be erased. Weirdo bosses turned Detective spying on you. Yes, FACEBOOK is EVIL. Oh...and the bullying by ex girlfriends/ex boyfriends and freaky work colleagues can be scary too.

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